Kailyn Lowry Shares Vulnerable Update on Weight Gain

Kailyn Lowry

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Kailyn Lowry got vulnerable when talking about her personal experiences.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Kailyn Lowry got vulnerable when talking about the rapid weight gain she experienced while suffering from PCOS, a hormone disorder. The 29-year-old wants to go into her thirties feeling confident, but she confessed that she stopped going to all her appointments to get weight loss surgery.

“I need to drop some serious weight. I stopped doing all my appointments for the weight loss surgery…” she explained on the July 20 episode of her podcast, “Baby Mamas No Drama.”

One of the cons of undergoing weight loss surgery is hair loss, and Lowry is afraid of losing more hair than she’s already lost. “I just can’t do it,” she said.

Lowry, the mother of four sons, has also flaked going to some appointments. “But I’ve also just not shown up to appointments. So I don’t think they would even consider me back if I wanted to,” she confessed.

“I need to lose the weight, but I feel like you when you backed out the first time where you were like, I’ve got to do this on my own,” Lowry added. “I have a little double chin right here, but I’m going to work on it.”

Lowry Has Struggled to Lose Weight

Even though Lowry knows what’s causing her weight gain, it’s been hard for her to get a handle on finding an exercise routine and healthy eating regiment. “Teen Mom 2” showed Lowry sharing her PCOS diagnosis, and Lowry talked about the episode with “Coffee Convos” co-host Lindsey Chrisley.

“I got emotional about the weight gain aspect of it,” Lowry told Chrisley about the MTV scene on their June 24 episode. “I’ve been diagnosed for three months and I’m still in that overwhelmed state of mind. I can’t get a grip on changing my diet because I don’t have an everyday routine. It’s not predictable. Every single day looks different for me, so it’s not like I can meal prep.”

“I am struggling. I’d be lying if I said I got the diagnosis, and I started right away exactly what I needed to do because I do know what I need to do, she said. “It’s not an issue of knowing what I need to do”

There was a robust response from fans and even though some people were trying to help Lowry, she was “irritated” by the “unsolicited advice.”

Lowry Admitted to Not Eating Healthy

One of the things Lowry knows she needs to change is her diet.

This is “not helping. It’s making things worse for me,” Lowry admitted on the June 24 episode of “Coffee Convos.”

She said fans were giving her mixed messages.

“My diet isn’t super great. I grew up not eating a lot of great foods, and so I think that is part of the problem that I struggle with today,” she admitted. “Even when I do have my eating under control it’s probably not as good as it could be.”

Lowry remembered when she went out to eat with her co-host. She said Chrisley asking the waiter what gluten-free options a restaurant had were more helpful than unsolicited advice from fans.

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