PHOTO: ‘Teen Mom’ Rips Co-Stars After Group Picture Posts

Catelynn Baltierra

Catelynn Baltierra "Teen Mom" alum Mackenzie McKee blasted her former co-stars and MTV after Catelynn Baltierra posted group pictures.

“Teen Mom” alum Mackenzie McKee blasted her former co-stars after one of them, Catelynn Baltierra, posted group photos on Instagram that did not include other past stars Ashley Jones, Kailyn Lowry and herself.

A little over a month after MTV announced a spinoff series, “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” featuring the women in the photo, McKee also criticized the network for not inviting her to participate in the new show, which does have a premiere date yet.

“I’m an hour away and they act like I don’t even exist and can’t explain to my lawyer why. So that stings 🤣😭,” McKee, who lives in Sarasota, Florida, tweeted on June 26.

Briana DeJesus said Jones wasn’t available to join the other women and Lowry had quit the franchise last month.

Some people wondered if McKee was dismissed from the series because she referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as a “colored” woman.

McKee maintained that wasn’t the case.

“They filmed 2 entire seasons after that with me,” she tweeted on June 26. “If that was the case,all they have to do is call me or my manager and explain.I would respect that.Instead it was “let’s lie and let her find out from her co-stars” on the Internet. Who cares about how bad that hurts.”

Some fans said McKee needed her own show.

“The last year of my life is a story in itself 😐,” the mother of three tweeted. “Ive made probably 10 YouTube videos catchin everyone up than I delete them. Cause apparently I can’t tell my side.”

Fans noticed that Jones and McKee were missing from the group photo. DeJesus tried to clear things up for fans via Instagram.

“Mackenzie isn’t part of the new show and allegedly ash said she couldn’t come. Hope this answers everyone’s questions,” she said, per Teen Mom Tea.

McKee Had Her Lawyer Contact MTV

McKee said her lawyer reached out to MTV about why she wasn’t involved in the new series.

“The only thing they tell my lawyer and I quote ‘nothing against her at all, the views are just in the toilet’ so we find things out on the internet which is a huge slap in my face,” she wrote in a now-deleted tweet, preserved by Teen Mom Tea. 

She accused MTV of being dishonest.

“But yes. The only sucky part is honestly @mtv lies to me,” she said, referring to the last reunion she filmed. “First it was ‘hey were filming individually because of COVID so you will be alone’ then the girls post a photo of them all together without me and their titles were specifically to hurt me ‘my favorites’ and it worked.”

“Then when my lawyer asked them why all the lies they simply replied ‘ were still deciding what to do with the show,” McKee continued. “Mackenzie did nothing wrong the views are just in the toilet, but we will 100% keep you updated’ so without an update, I find out online. It’s just unprofessional.”

McKee Suspected She Was Fired Because of Her Political Views

McKee said she was never given a specific reason why she was dismissed from her contact, but she suspected it was because of her political views.

“It’s honestly as simple as calling me and saying, ‘you are no longer a part of us, and here is why’ a bird told me it’s because I’m conservative (they don’t even know my political views and this show is about teen pregnancy not politics,'” she said.

“I just feel like I’m allowed to share my feelings, my pain, and my side without tabloids twisting it. Cancel culture is a sad world,” McKee continued. “And no one asked me my side other than Ashley. I don’t think this would hurt as bad as it does had my family not shared some very delicate times of our lives on there.”

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