PHOTO: Vee Rivera’s Daughter Vivi Rocks a Throwback 90s Hairstyle

Vee Rivera

Vee Rivera Vee Rivera shares new photo of Vivi

Teen Mom 2″ star Vee Rivera caught fans’ attention after she shared a photo of her daughter Vivi rocking a throwback 90s hairstyle.

In the October 15 photo, Vivi was pictured with a zigzag patterned hairline. According to Glamour, the zigzag gained popularity in the late 90s and early 2000s and is making a comeback in the 2020s. Fans loved seeing Vee’s daughter put her own spin on the 90s trend.

Fans React to Vivi’s Hairstyle

Fans commented on the post to compliment Vivi on her style choice. Many fans wrote that the hairdo made them nostalgic.

“OMG the zig zag part is giving me 1999 / early 2000s,” one fan commented. 

“That zigzag part is brining me back to my childhood,” another Instagram user wrote. 

“Bringing back the 90s zigzag part🔥,” a third user added. 

“Her hair is giving 90’s vibes… so cute 😍,” a fourth user chimed in.

“Loving the zigzag part,” a fifth user wrote. “Reminds me of when I was in middle school! So cute ❤️.”

Vee Rivera Talks About Having More Kids

In the past, Vee has been candid about not wanting to expand her family but in the Tuesday, September 27 episode of her podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama,” the 31-year-old said she would “think about” having more kids.

The September 27 episode of “Baby Mamas No Drama” featured Vee’s daughter Vivi who stopped by the podcast studio for a chat.

The episode took a turn when Kail asked Vivi if she minds being the only girl in a family of boys. Vivi is half-siblings with Kail’s son Issac.

Vivi initially seemed fine with being the only girl in the family but moments later, she asked her mom if she could give her a little sister.

“Could you please get a sister for me? Could you adopt a sister?” she asked. “Or you can just get pregnant again.”

Vee told her daughter that she doesn’t want to get pregnant again but that didn’t stop Vivi. She continued to press her mom about adding a little sister into the mix. 

Vee then told her daughter, “I’ll think about it.”

A year prior, rumors that Vee was expecting a second child surfaced online. The MTV star shut down the rumors on Instagram, telling fans she was not pregnant.

A “Teen Mom” fan account shared a video of Vee putting an end to the speculation.

“So there’s a rumor … there’s a rumor that I’m pregnant,” she said in the clip.

Vee then appproached her husband Jo Rivera to get his thoughts on the situtation.

“What do you have to say about this?” she asked Jo.

“She ain’t pregnant,” he told Vee’s Instagram followers

“Listen, I ain’t that good,” he joked.” I got lucky twice. There was only two rounds in the chamber. The clip is empty.”

In the video, Vee also called out “stupid” clickbait articles.

“Teen Mom: Next Chapter” airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on MTV.

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