Teen Mom Briana DeJesus Responds to Dating Chris Lopez Rumors

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Instagram "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus responded to rumors that she was dating Chris Lopez, Kailyn Lowry's two-time baby daddy.

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus responded to rumors that she was dating Chris Lopez, Kailyn Lowry’s ex and two-time baby daddy. The gossip started after Chris “liked” one of Briana’s photos on Instagram. She flirted back by asking him when they were going to the gym together after he posted that he was going through “hell week” right now, as noted by Teen Mom Tea.

Briana previously dated Javi Marroquin, who was married to Kailyn for three years. They also shared 6-year-old son Lincoln together. Their dating history caused an immediate feud between Briana and Kailyn–one that has lasted long after Briana and Javi split.

The foes reignited their feud on September 22 after Teen Mom 2 showed that Briana tested positive for chlamydia after having unprotected sex with Luis, the father of their 3-year-old daughter, Stella. At the same time that segment aired, Kailyn tweeted that “Karma is a b****” and Briana flaunted that Chris flirting with her on social media by saying back, “YA BABY DADDY WANNA LOVE ME!”

So are Chris and Briana dating?

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The short answer is no, Briana and Chris are not dating.

“Chris Lopez – Kail’s baby daddy- liked a photo of me on Instagram and suddenly there’s all these reports going around that either I’m trying to date him or he’s trying to date me or that we’re hooking up to spite Kail,” she told Champion Daily in a statement. “None of this could be further from the truth.”

Briana made it clear she wasn’t interested in Chris, who shared 3-year-old Lux and newborn Creed with Kailyn. “I am not hooking up with Chris, I have never hooked up with Chris, and I never will hook up with Chris,” she said. “Even if I was attracted to him- which I’m not, to be clear- I want NO involvement with Kail or anyone she’s been involved with nor am I trying to give her babies a half-sibling LMAO.”

Chris has also said he’s not interested in dating Briana, scoffing at the chatter that started after he “liked” her photo. “It was one picture, bro. One picture. Are you butthurt about one picture?” Chris said, as noted by In Touch Weekly. “At the time I was being petty. I can admit it, at the time I was being petty. I was angry. It happens. I’m a human. Y’all like pictures every day. S*** I do too. I just came across a picture I liked.”

Briana Called Dating Javi A ‘Mistake’

If she could take it back, she probably wouldn’t date Javi again. “I admit that and clearly, that relationship was a mistake–not to mention he was cheating on all of us and playing all of us, so there’s that too–but unlike some people… I learn from my past,” she said, taking a dig directly at Kailyn. “I would not repeat that mistake again.”

Briana isn’t sure why they still have a problem, especially since they’ve both moved on from dating Javi. Kailyn went on to have two children with Chris and Briana got pregnant by ex-boyfriend Luis Hernandez.

“I’m not quite sure what her issue is with me now. While she thinks she’s ‘above’ me–and everyone else for that matter–the truth is that we all ended up on Teen Mom because we got pregnant at 16,” Briana told the website. “For all of our ‘differences,’ we all started from the same place.”

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