‘The Bachelor’ 2021 Final 2 Spoilers: Who Are the Contestants?

The Bachelor


Despite having just met Matt James’ contestants, new details have emerged about the women he takes to the finale.

Stop reading if you do not want to know spoilers for season 25 of The Bachelor.

While Reality Steve has been open about his difficulty reporting on Bachelor Nation during the pandemic, he did report he “was told ‘Michelle [Young] and Rachael [Kirkconnell] were final 2, and Rachael wins.’”

Fans will recognize Kirkconnell from night one of the dating franchise, but Young has yet to be introduced. She will be in a second wave of contestants to enter the house after the second rose ceremony.

The site known for Bachelor Nation spoilers continued, saying Kirkconnell is the rumored winner. “Well, if you believe everything coming out of the small town of Cumming, GA, then it’s Rachael Kirkconnell,” said Reality Steve. “Because for the last month, all I keep being told out of Cumming is that Rachael won, and all her friends and family know and they’re telling everyone.”

However, he noted he heard the same rumors about Madison Prewett during Peter Weber’s season which obviously ended up being false. He wrote, “Maybe Rachael did win. All I’m saying is that if she did, she, her family, and her friends are doing an awful job of keeping it secret because word is spreading around Cumming, GA faster than you can shake a stick at.”

While he has not received full certainty, he believes most signs are pointing toward her.
“I’m not 100% sold on it yet, but, I’m just telling you that’s the one I’ve heard most,” He continued. “I’m also positive Serena P and Michelle don’t win. So all signs are pointing to Rachael. Just kinda hilarious if it is true since her family apparently won’t shut up about it. Hey, maybe it is that easy this season?”

More Contestants Are Entering the Competition

Young is not the only new contestant. As Reality Steve reported, “5 women come on the show after rose ceremony #2. They were in the original list of 43 women that was released 3 days before filming started.”

She entered with Brittany Galvin, Catalina Morales, Kim Li and Ryan Clator.

Additionally, former contestant Heather Martin enters the show but is sent home the same night. Martin will be familiar to viewers of Colton Underwood’s season.

Reality Steve wrote, “So in looking at this from the outside, it’s clear this was put together by Hannah Brown. I don’t know any other details of what I just shared, but Heather is Hannah’s BFF. They post all the time together on each other’s IG stories. Clearly, Hannah told her this would be a good idea since she’s friends with Matt (you know, Quarantine Crew and all), and I guess convinced Heather she thought the two of them would get along. Or hell, maybe at some point Heather has met or at least spoken to Matt in the past. I’m not sure.”

Kirkconnell Has Been Accused of Racist Bullying


Kirkconnell got screen time on night one, tearing up during James’ prayer. She is rumored to be engaged to the franchise’s first Black Bachelor. However, the Georgia native is being accused of racist bullying in high school.

After night one, a woman claiming to know Kirkconnell posted a video on TikTok with a caption that read, “girlieeee, remember when you bullied me in high school for liking black guys???”

However, her follow-up videos explaining the situation did little to prove her story and referred to Kirkconnell’s whole friend group. Kirkconnell has yet to comment on the accusations.

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