‘Bachelorette’ Star Reveals Single Status & Fans Rally for a ‘Bachelor’ Role

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Pixabay Another split for a "Bachelor Nation" fan favorite has fans buzzing.

A fan-favorite former “Bachelorette” contestant is single once again, having ended the romance that just recently became “Instagram Official.” Tyler Cameron, who was the runner-up on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette,” had been dating model Paige Lorenze in recent weeks. Rumors swirled over the weekend that the pair may have split already, and Cameron did not leave people wondering about the pair’s status for long.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lorenze Seemed to Signal the Split First

On July 18, Cameron and Lorenze confirmed their rumored romance with a public kiss. The New York City stroll and kiss captured by paparazzi came a few weeks after the two had reportedly started seeing one another. They spent time in Florida together, where he lives, and they were together in Montauk, New York for the Fourth of July holiday too. On August 1, both Cameron and Lorenze took to Instagram to share glimpses of a romantic weekend they had spent together in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Just days later, however, speculation about a breakup swirled on Reddit. She signaled she was single in a TikTok she posted over the weekend, and others noticed she got a haircut, which might have been another sign of a split. Apparently, she also was quickly deleting any social media comments where people asked about Cameron. During a live chat she did, she told fans she was essentially dating around and that she wanted to focus on her job and herself for now.

Cameron Confirmed the Pair Called It Quits

On August 8, Cameron appeared on the “Daily Pop” for E! Online. “We actually had to take a step back,” he acknowledged. “It wasn’t the right time, it wasn’t good for us, so we’re… not dating anymore and just doing our own thing right now,” he added. “The Bachelorette” star shared the two had “tons of respect and love” for one another, but they had both decided it was “just not the right time for both of us right now.”

As soon as Cameron’s confirmation emerged, “The Bachelor” Redditors went wild sharing their thoughts and opinions.

“Im going to need Tyler to stop breaking up right before the Bachelor… like please stay in a relationship so I don’t get my stupid hopes up of him becoming the bachelor. It’ll never happen yet I’m still delusional,” one person commented.

fake shock,” teased someone else of the breakup news.

“Tyler is probably shooting his shot DMing Kim K now that she and Pete broke up,” joked another Redditor, referencing the Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson split.

“If we’re truly going for chaos, then make it a double Bachelor season with Pete…” quipped someone else, suggesting having Cameron and Peter Weber as co-”Bachelor” leads.

“Lol what? Paige just made him hard launch their ship literally days ago…and they’re already broken up??!! Not a fan of her/the relationship and didn’t think they’d last, but I’m a little shook by the quick timeline here lol,” another Redditor admitted.

The possibility that Cameron could become the next lead for “The Bachelor” was definitely a dominant theme in the sub. As some noted, filming for the season set to debut in January 2023 should start filming in mid-September. Filming will probably start before the finale for Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia’s season of “The Bachelorette” airs, so it certainly could end up being someone from a prior season. For now, fans will have to wait and see what develops in Cameron’s love life next.

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