Did Bri Springs Get Her Job Back After ‘The Bachelor’?

Bri Springs

ABC/Craig Sjodin Bri Springs on The Bachelor.

Viewers of The Bachelor were abuzz when Bri Springs said she quit her job. During an appearance on Thursday’s episode of the Click Bait podcast, she revealed if she ever got it back.

“Everyone wants to know if I got my job back and I will tell you I did not get my job back and I am currently polishing up my résumé,” she told co-hosts Natasha Parker and Joe Amabile. She added, “That’s not to say, I wouldn’t get my job back if I didn’t want my job back. … I stay in very close contact with all my co-workers, my old manager and that door is definitely still there for me.”

While her exact place of work remains a bit of a mystery, according to her ABC profile, she worked as a communications manager at a “high-profile social media company.”

She added that she wished America got to see how intentional she was. As Springs explained, “Before going on the show, I knew there was a possibility that I would have to quit my job. … I wouldn’t have gone on the show if I didn’t have a savings, if I didn’t have a support or safety network to fall back on.”

Now the final-three contender is “open to new opportunities,” adding, “I needed a break from my role, I did. I really needed a break so I’ve been enjoying that right now.”

Springs also shared that she has spent time with family, but is planning to relocate from San Francisco to New York City.

Springs Told Matt James She Resigned During a Group Date

During the cocktail party on a group date, Springs told Bachelor Matt James that she chose him over her job.

“You know, a few days ago, I did something really big,” she said during their one-on-one time. “I had to resign from my position to be here. I knew that was a decision that I was going to have to make but after weighing what this journey could mean for me to give me that opportunity to find love with someone, with you specifically, I thought it was worth it.”

Though, as she explained, it was still a “really hard decision” to make.

“When I think about my mom being a single mom – she had to make a lot of sacrifices for me to have a better life than what she had so my work wasn’t just a job to me. It felt like a dream, but being here with you makes it feel extremely worth it.”

While she did make it through that week, she was sent home before the final two. After not receiving a rose, People reported that she took to her Instagram Story, posting a picture of her wearing a bathing suit while on the phone with the quip “Me on the phone trying to get my job back.”

Springs Is Likely Not Returning to Bachelor Nation

Springs reiterated her hesitancy to go on Bachelor in Paradise.

“I’ve not decided definitively yet … it’s likely that I won’t be there,” she said. She went on to explain that while going on The Bachelor was an “interesting experience” her biggest takeaway was that “I’ve got to spend more time with my person. Like, I’ve got to be out in the normal world to see real-life situations and what’s going to happen in real life because you get so caught up in the fantasy that you’re in and the bubble that you’re in.”

However, she made it clear she would show up for Michelle Young’s season if she got the call.

“If they call me back in to go help Michelle, I would be there in a heartbeat because I want the best for her.”

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