Fans Who Want Chris Harrison Fired Make Suggestions for His Replacement

Chris Harrison

Getty Images Chris Harrison.

A petition to get Chris Harrison fired from the Bachelor franchise has reached more than 40,000 signatures in about one week’s time. The petition asks that ABC part ways with the long-time host in the wake of his insensitive comments during an interview with former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on ExtraTV.

The petition was started before Harrison issued a public apology on Instagram. However, some fans aren’t satisfied with the written apology and are still hoping that ABC will remove Harrison from his post.

“This is not a petition for an apology. It’s a petition for a new host,” reads an update on

Harrison later announced that he’d be “stepping aside” for a period of time, but many fans are still calling for Harrison to be completely removed from the franchise moving forward.

If Harrison was to get fired, some fans have already started thinking about who would replace him. Someone from Bachelor Nation, like Wells Adams, may seem like a logical way to go, but fans have also suggested some interesting celebs for the role. Many fans would like to see Rachel Lindsay take the role, but she has expressed disinterest in continuing a relationship with the franchise.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Reddit Thread Suggesting Actor Danny DeVito Take Over as ‘Bachelor’ Host Has People Talking About a Potential New Host

Danny DeVito

GettyActor Danny DeVito is one of the New Jersey natives participating in the “Jersey 4 Jersey” charity event.

Fans of The Bachelor franchise have been suggesting who they’d like to see take on the role as host if Chris Harrison gets fired. On the Bachelor subreddit, fans have been discussing who would make the best host moving forward.

One Redditor started a thread titled, “Danny Devito [sic] should take over Chris Harrison’s role as the host of the ‘Bachelor.'” That thread has opened up the discussion for who should be chosen to deliver date cards and remind everyone when the “final rose tonight” is coming.

Fan suggestions included Reese Witherspoon, Wayne Brady, and Billy Eichner. In other threads, fans have also chimed in on who they would not like to see as the new host. Those names included Ashley Iaconetti and JoJo Fletcher.

ABC has yet to comment on the controversy surrounding Chris Harrison and his future with the franchise is unclear at this time.

Another Reddit Thread Makes a Case Against Wells Adams as Chris Harrison’s Replacement

As mentioned above, Wells Adams’ name has been somewhat synonymous with Chris Harrison’s replacement, even before Harrison’s controversial comments were made.

However, there are some fans that believe Adams is not at all the person for the job.

“Chris Harrison is stepping aside for being racist. Plain and simple. And there are a ton of people on this sub whose response to that is to replace him with… another white guy?” one Redditor posted on a thread titled, “Wells should NOT replace Chris Harrison.” The Redditor goes on to express some of the same concerns with Adams as there are with Harrison.

Other Redditors that commented on the thread seem to have mixed feelings on Adams becoming the new host — if Harrison does end up getting fired (or quitting), that is.

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