Fan-Favorite ‘Bachelorette’ Star Mourns Heartbreaking Loss

Gabby Windey and her suitors

ABC "The Bachelorette" Gabby Windey poses with some of her suitors.

Many “The Bachelorette” viewers fell hard for contestant Jason Alabaster during season 19, and he came close to receiving Gabby Windey’s final rose. Ultimately, Alabaster decided he was not ready to propose, and he departed after his night with Windey in the Fantasy Suites. Windey was left heartbroken after an emotional discussion and farewell with Alabaster, and in the end, she ended up engaged to Erich Schwer. Now, Alabaster has revealed he is going through some heartbreak of his own, and “Bachelor Nation” fans are stepping up to lend their support.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alabaster’s Beloved Dog Kyra Died

On September 28, Alabaster shared a post on his Instagram page that contained a handful of photos. “Love you forever, Kyra. You were my everything,” he detailed in the caption. The first photo in the post was a selfie showing Alabaster and a beautiful husky, who was his dog Kyra. Other uploads in the Instagram post showed other tidbits from Kyra’s life, including an adorable video where she was licking Alabaster. The last snapshot included in Alabaster’s Instagram post showed Kyra as a very young puppy.

“The Bachelorette” fans may remember Alabaster mentioned Kyra when he introduced himself to Windey and Recchia. “There’s something I’ve gotta get off my chest. I’ve got something in common with Clayton,” Alabaster said as he greeted “The Bachelorette” ladies. “I’m in love with three women — my mom, my sister, and my dog Kyra,” he concluded. Many fans perceived the quip as a rather awkward one at the time. Given what Alabaster is going through now, though, the fact he included her in such a small and special group of women he loved certainly underscores how much he adored his dog.

Fans Flooded Alabaster’s Post With Support

Alabaster does not post on Instagram very often, and he has not been sharing highlights of parties with fellow “Bachelorette” contestants as some others have. Rather, he has mostly gone back to his regular life, it seems, and his Instagram following remains fairly small. Even so, he received a lot of love on his post about losing Kyra.

“Jason I remember you talking about her on the show! May she rest in peace,” shared one supporter.

“I’m so sorry for your loss. She was beautiful & clearly so well-loved,” detailed another.

“Apollo, our red and white husky sends his sympathy,” someone else wrote.

“You were everything to her too,” pointed out another fan.

“I can tell how much she means to you. I’m so sorry. I’m so happy you got to know and love her!” a fourth supporter noted.

Quite a few of the commenters shared their own stories of similar losses, and several raved over how gorgeous Kyra was. In addition, a number of fans acknowledged how difficult pet losses can be. A handful of “Bachelor Nation” veterans “liked” the post to show their support, even if they did not comment. Greg Grippo, Nick Viall, and Logan Palmer went that route, and thousands of other fans and followers of Alabaster’s followed suit.

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