Are Justin Glaze & Katie Thurston Still Together?

Katie Thurston finale dress.

ABC Katie Thurston.

The much anticipated finale of Katie Thurston‘s season of “The Bachelorette” airs August 9, 2021 at 8 p.m. ET. The question everyone is dying to know will finally be answered- who does Katie pick? And are they still together?


After last week’s fight between Thurston and fan favorite, Greg Grippo, the top two contestants left vying for Thurston’s heart are Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze. According to Reality Steve, one of the franchises biggest insider sources, Thurston is engaged. He wrote, “I basically kept hearing things about her final 4 of those who DIDN’T win. And at some point during that time, I’ve received actual proof that Andrew, Justin, and Greg all didn’t win.” Process of elimination leads us to late addition to the season, Blake Moynes.


Who Is Justin Glaze?

Glaze is a 27 year old artist from Baltimore, according to his Instagram. He began as a strong front runner on the season. He was even the first contestant to get a kiss from Thurston. But as the show has progressed, he seems to be getting less screen time as some of the other men.

Many were shocked that Glaze was one of Thurston’s final two. Glaze’s reactions throughout the show have been used as memes on Twitter, some taking it as far as using his own facial expressions to voice their thoughts on Thurston’s remaining men:

Glaze had a rocky Hometown date the previous week, leading some to think he would be eliminated. Glaze’s family were unable to join him to meet Thurston. His mother, as well as Thurston voiced their concerns on the show about Glaze’s ability to propose without the two families meeting.

In the promo for the finale, Glaze says,”I was not expecting it to go down like that…She’s had to handle some adversity up until this point. But nothing like what just went down.”

“It’s kinda scary not knowing where you stand.” Glaze said.

So, Is Katie Single or Engaged?

Filming for Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette” wrapped in June, and a lot can change in two months. Thurston spoke to Entertainment Tonight saying, “I’ve officially made peace with everything that has happened.”

Moynes joined this season of “The Bachelorette” later than any other contestant. This is his second time on the show, and the third bachelorette he has dated. Moynes’ sister pointed this out on his Hometown date. Twitter blew up with support and love for Moynes’ sister. One user wrote, “Blake’s sister came guns blazing roasting him for being in love with the third Bachelorette in a row, she is my favorite person now”

Reality Steve wrote on July 27, 2021 that Moynes and Thurston are “engaged to this day.” Thurston even posted a picture on Instagram with a secret clue that the two are still happily together. The photo was captioned

“I’m in love.

This photo was posted directly after Thurston’s Hometown dates with her three final suitors. In the episode Moynes wore a jersey that read “Honey Bear” across the back.

Normally “Bachelor” finales are split into two nights, but Thurston’s conclusion will be getting the whole 8:00-11:00 PM time slot this Monday night.

All signs (so far) point to Thurston and Moynes being happily engaged. But we don’t know how Justin Glaze will fit into any of this.

All will be revealed tonight on “The Bachelorette”, directly followed by “After The Final Rose,” which will give viewers the dish on what is happening with Thurston’s relationship status now.

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