Who Is Matt James’ Brother John the Scorpio?

Matt James

ABC/Billy Kidd Matt James is the Bachelor for season 25.

Matt James‘ brother John was featured on the finale of The Bachelor. John was on-hand at Nemacolin Resort to meet Matt’s two final women, Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young, along with Patty James, Matt and John’s mother.

“My brother and my mom, they know me better than anybody,” Matt said in a promo for the Bachelor finale.

According to Distractify, Matt and John were both raised in North Carolina. It’s unknown how close the two brothers are, but they do not appear very frequently on each other’s Instagram accounts — though they do follow each other. The only photo of John and Matt on John’s Instagram was posted on August 2, 2020, and does not contain a caption.

John’s most recent Instagram share was posted on Valentine’s Day. He shared a photo of his mother on a horse, and added two emoji for the caption; a pink tulip and a pink heart.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Have Been Curious About Matt’s Brother for Weeks & Interest Grew After John Appeared on ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

A few weeks ago, a Reddit thread dedicated to Matt’s brother was started, and several Redditors have posted their curiosity about him.

“Why do you guys think there hasn’t been much mention of Matt’s brother John on the show?” the original Reddit user posted.

“I’m guessing Matt’s brother values his privacy,” one person responded.

“I wonder if Matt’s brother was raised more by their father and Matt was raised more by their mother,” suggested another.

“Maybe Matt’s brother didn’t want to be part of the show,” added a third.

Shortly after John made his debut on the Bachelor finale, some Instagram users looked him up and have been taking to the comments section on some of his posts.

“Has anyone ever told you that you favor @nipseyhussle or is it just me,” one Instagram user commented on a photo that was posted back on February 5.

“You’re a legend,” added another, while a fourth commented that John looks like Colin Kaepernick.

John the Scorpio Is a Musician & Has Dozens of Songs on SoundCloud

John the Scorpio is a musician, according to his Instagram account. His music can be heard on SoundCloud.

“John the Scorpio is a smooth passionate musician influenced by g funk music and underground west coast hip-hop and R&B. – peace and love to the subconscious community and the indigos out there who enjoy authentic and original music,” reads his bio on SoundCloud.

He has several songs on SoundCloud, including a few that were posted over the past year. They include “Virus,” “Sometimes,” and “Usa ta be.” In the summer of 2020, John released a music video for his song, “Gotta Do Betta.” At the time of this writing, the YouTube video has been viewed more than 8,500 times. You can watch it below.

Gotta Do Betta- John the ScorpioGotta Do Betta official music video shot by Kaya Roy (@kaya roy)2020-08-25T23:16:58Z

John has 157 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Matt Previously Opened up About His Brother, Saying That They Didn’t Share the Same Religious Beliefs

Before getting in to the current Bachelor season, Matt spoke about his brother — albeit briefly.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Matt shared that he and John do not hold the same religious beliefs, but he said that he loves his brother just the same.

“My views are my own and I would never force that on somebody, especially with those views being different within my family. My brother and I have completely different religious beliefs, and I don’t love him any less,” Matt told the outlet.

“I would never want that to be something that kept me from being with somebody,” he added.

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