Matt James Explains Why He Kissed Girls With His Eyes Open

Matt James holding a coat over his shoulder

ABC Matt James.

The Bachelor star Matt James caught some serious hot on social media on Monday night as viewers couldn’t help but notice that he was kissing women with his eyes open.

James’ open-eye kissing became a topic of conversation amongst Bachelor viewers, most of whom were trying to figure out one simple question: Why?

On Tuesday, James’ real life best friend, and former Bachelorette star, Tyler Cameron jumped on the opportunity to troll his boy, getting on him about his odd on-screen behavior.

A short while later, James responded to Cameron’s remark — and he gave fans what they’ve been hoping for — a reason for why he keeps his eyes open while kissing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tyler Cameron Called out His Dude With Several Crying With Laughter Emoji & Matt James Responded

Leave it to Tyler Cameron to share a still from Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor and call his boy out on a public forum. Cameron took to Twitter on Tuesday, sharing a post that someone else made. The original poster asked, “Yo, why are your eyes open bro?” In the photo that was shared in the tweet, James can be seen locking lips with one of his ladies — and his eyes are wide open.

“Ayo, Matt James, what we got going on here?” Cameron posted, adding three crying with laughter emoji. While Cameron was clearly trolling James, fans seemed to genuinely concerned with James’ kissing style. In fairness, he didn’t have his eyes open every time he kissed a woman — but it was definitely noticeable when he did!

In good fun, James responded to Cameron, giving him — and Bachelor fans — a pretty good (albeit funny) reason for kissing with his eyes open.

“Gotta make sure no one sneaking up on us! When your eyes are closed.. ANYTHING can happen! It’s for both of our protection,” James tweeted, adding the crying with laughter emoji to his own post.

Fans had a field day in the comments, tweeting more jokes at James’ expense.

Kissing With Your Eyes Open Could Mean Various Different Things

A lot of people may have heard the saying that if someone kisses with their eyes open, you shouldn’t trust them. However, in 2016, two psychologists spoke with The Independent, and gave reasons why most people kiss with their eyes closed.

According to a study, people close their eyes when they kiss because they want to focus on physical touch. Keeping the eyes open and looking around actually takes away from that intimate experience.

“When kissing and engaging in other activities pleasurable to the tactile sense, such as sex and dancing, people want to focus on touch, rather than other, potentially distracting, sensory experiences,” the study showed.

Of course, there could be all kinds of reasons for someone kissing with their eyes open. James was very clearly joking about being on the lookout during his make-out sessions, but it’s possible that he was nervous, uncomfortable, or really just trying to take in the moment(s).

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