Natasha Parker Blasts Blake Horstmann Over ‘BiP’ Warning

Natasha Parker and Blake Horstmann of 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Getty 'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Natasha Parker and Blake Horstmann attend events

Season 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise” has not even started filming yet and there is already drama brewing among some franchise veterans. Blake Horstmann recently opened up about advice he gave potential “BiP” contestants, and Natasha Parker was not pleased by what he had to say.

Here’s what you need to know:

Blake’s Podcast Host Comments Rubbed Natasha the Wrong Way

Blake recently shared the advice he gave potential Season 8 “Bachelor in Paradise” contestants when they asked him for insight. “The only advice I gave them was to be careful of the official ‘Bachelor’ podcast hosts if they are down there.” He added, “They are ABC employees and will always get a good edit.” Blake explained he did not think any hosts for franchise-connected podcasts should be eligible to become cast members.

Blake did not mention anybody by name, but Natasha Parker had plenty to say in response to his comments. Natasha co-hosts “Click Bait” alongside Joe Amabile and Tia Booth, and she was a part of the Season 7 “BiP” cast. In now-expired Instagram stories, Natasha said, “you’re basically villainizing me because I have a podcast instead of holding the toxic people accountable.”

Natasha admitted she was sensitive about the comments because of her experience during Season 7. As fans may remember, she got caught up in a scandal of sorts when Pieper James and Brendan Morais were accused of using Natasha to keep him around long enough for Pieper to arrive, detailed Us Weekly. Production gave her a rose so she could stay, a move far outside the norm for the show.

Natasha added, “if you’re taking what Blake is saying and you’re rallying behind it, you’re basically excusing toxic behavior.” The “Click Bait” co-host shared, “I was not toxic on the beach. Joe wasn’t toxic in his relationship on the beach. Becca wasn’t toxic in her relationship on the beach,” referring to Becca Kufrin, who hosts the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. “If you’re going to ‘warn’ someone about someone, why not warn them about the toxic behaviors that people can have?” she questioned. “Oh, because you, yourself, had toxic behavior on the beach when you were there.”

Fans Had Plenty to Say After Natasha Spoke Out

Natasha’s remarks generated a significant amount of discussion on Reddit. “Geez, he was right and he didn’t even single out Natasha,” one poster noted. “Natasha this isn’t the case you think you’re making, sorry,” someone else wrote. Quite a few people pointed out Blake called no one out by name. In addition, he did not say the podcast hosts were toxic. Rather, he warned production would protect the hosts and the contestants they were interested in dating, and they’d receive good edits. Natasha had her supporters as well, but a Reddit poll suggested most people sided with Blake.

What did Blake think of Natasha’s comments? Reddit shared that when asked by a fan if he was going to respond, he posted a simple “Nope. Not worth my breath. Tell me it’s the off season without telling me the off season” on his Instagram Stories. Whether it will all just blow over now remains to be seen.

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