Former Bachelorette Criticizes Contestants’ Reaction to Heather Martin Arrival

The Bachelor contestants

ABC Several contestants on an episode of season 25 of The Bachelor.

Tayshia Adams’ relationship with Zac Clark is still young, but she has reason to feel great about her time as The Bachelorette. Despite an abbreviated season, Adams found love and a fiancé in Clark, so she has all the proof she needs to believe the show can work.

And for it to be a success, Adams thinks the contestants on season 25 of The Bachelor need to have a little more trust in the process. That means not having a meltdown when a wrench is thrown into the plans like Heather Martin’s surprise arrival on the show.

“The one thing that — and I have to bring him up because he’s my man — Zac told me when the new guys came on our season, it was like ‘Bring in everybody. If you need to have that time to make sure I’m the person, then f****** do it. Like, go talk to everyone; make sure there’s not a connection there. Do what you have to do to make sure we’re good,'” Adams said on an episode of Click Bait. “You know what I mean? So … let her come, let her stir whatever it is. If she’s doing the right thing that’s for her, which is seeing if there’s a connection with Matt [James].

“What if they would’ve hit it off and they would’ve had more chemistry than anyone else there? And it’s meant to be! But at the same time, if she tried it out, he saw somebody new walk in and he’s like ‘You know what? I really like this girl.’ Then so be it, then they have a strong connection.”

The women on The Bachelor were anything but inviting when Martin crashed the party in episodes six and seven. They collectively interrogated her about her motivations for joining the process just as James was preparing to cut his list of contestants down to eight, eventually bringing Martin to tears.

Earlier in the season, when Sarah Trott was considering leaving, Katie Thurston encouraged her to stay for the exact reasons that Adams talked about on Click Bait.

“If you have a connection with Matt and if Matt has a connection with you, as much as I hate to say it, I have to have you guys explore that completely because I don’t want to be his backup plan,” Thurston told Trott.

Adams clearly thinks Thurston was on the right track with that mindset.

Heather Martin Doesn’t Regret Her ‘Bachelor’ Return

Dylan Barbour, a former contestant on The Bachelorette, was angry about the way Martin was “screwed over” by the franchise. When Chris Harrison threw Martin and Hannah Brown under the bus for “concocting” the storyline, Barbour laughed off the idea that The Bachelor was surprised by her arrival.

But just as some Bachelor Nation alumni are coming to her defense, Martin isn’t holding grudges or regrets about her exceedingly brief return to the franchise.

“I know not everything will work out and some doors will be closed, but by taking chances and facing my fears head on, I will be able to live a life without regret, knowing I fully embraced life and everything it had to offer without letting anything pass me by,” Martin wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption about overcoming fear. “I may get my heart broken or face some disappointments along the way, but hey that’s life and I will gladly take those disappointments knowing that I am not letting fear run my life.”

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