Tayshia Adams Slammed for Posting Hospital Video

Tayshia Adams

Getty Tayshia Adams.

Tayshia Adams is being slammed online for posting a video about her post-New York City Marathon hospital stay.

On November 11, the former “Bachelorette” star posted an Instagram story video that showed her lying in a hospital bed with an IV hooked up to her.

“Welp I’ve been here since 9:30 a.m.,” she captioned the post. “What a day.”

Tayshia did not reveal any information about why she was in the hospital, but she appeared frustrated and even let out a sigh in the short clip.

“Details are unknown at this time but it is likely related to her marathon recovery,” an insider told Us Weekly of Tayshia’s hospital check-in.

Fans who follow her story know that Tayshia was complaining about being in physical pain after running the New York City Marathon – her first-ever 26.2 mile run —  in support of the World Vision charity on November 7.

After the race, Tayshia’s fiancé Zac Clark praised her “courage” in an Instagram post while letting fans know that she suffered from “chronic knee/back pain” and had been unable to properly train for the marathon “due to her insane schedule.”

Tayshia Was Criticized for Posting the Video

While Tayshia did receive well wishes and support from some fans, others questioned her need to post a video from a hospital bed. Some slammed her as attention-seeking.

“Why a f***ng post!?!? Just deal with your private s*** PRIVATELY!!” one person wrote on Reddit.

“Vaguely posting this is the kind of desperate, attention seeking thing is what I hate about influencers. If you want to keep it private, don’t post this at all,” another added.

“Yep this is desperate AF,” another agreed.

“Honestly it’s really messed up. Just begging for attention and preying on people’s emotions,” another wrote.

“This gives me vague Facebook vibes from 2006,” another chimed in. “Influencer culture is so odd, cannot fathom the impulse at all to selfie from your hospital bed.”

Others wondered why Tayshia ran the marathon in the first place, given her pain issues and lack of time to train.

“That’s why I hate the “keep going, no excuses” language her fiancé uses,“ one Redditor wrote. “[zac Clark’s] congratulations post to her was full of reasons why she shouldn’t have run. Chronic back and knee pain is a perfectly valid reason to not run 26 dang miles. She didn’t train enough and pushed herself too hard.”

Tayshia Had Been Excited About Her 1st Marathon

Despite her setback, Tayshia had been looking forward to running the marathon, which she ended up completing in 4 hours and 40 minutes. Ahead of the event, she posted to Instagram to admit the training had been “tough.”

“Whether it would be running bright n early or late at night, right after getting off an 8 hr flight, in the rain, on a hotel treadmill while traveling for work, or after filming all night long! No matter the condition or situation, I was committed to getting it done however or wherever I could,” she told fans.

Tayshia told E! News that her fiance, who was logging his 8th marathon with the 2021 New York City run, was “a lifer” when it comes to marathons.

“I don’t think it’s hit me exactly what I’m about to do yet,” the Bachelorette star said ahead of the race. “I kind of just jumped on the marathon bandwagon, and he’s been really supportive.”

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