Virgin Bachelor Contestant Heather Martin Returns

Instagram Heather Martin, from 'The Bachelor.'

Heather Martin, who appeared on Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, is going to be a contestant on Matt James’ season of the show. And, according to Screen Rant, Hannah Brown is the one who set it all up.

Brown is close friends with her ex, Tyler Cameron, and Cameron’s best friend, Matt James. In 2020, James was selected to be the next Bachelor and the first Black lead in the history of the franchise.

Reality Steve wrote, “So in looking at this from the outside, it’s clear this was put together by Hannah Brown. I don’t know any other details of what I just shared, but Heather is Hannah’s BFF. They post all the time together on each other’s IG stories. Clearly, Hannah told her this would be a good idea since she’s friends with Matt (you know, Quarantine Crew and all), and I guess convinced Heather she thought the two of them would get along. Or hell, maybe at some point Heather has met or at least spoken to Matt in the past. I’m not sure.”

How far does she make it? Does Heather end up winning James’ heart?

Read on for details.

When Does Heather Get Eliminated?

According to Reality Steve, Heather ends up getting eliminated the same day she shows up. The TV blogger reported, “Clearly it was done for dramatic purposes and Heather never stood a chance of lasting.”

And what should we remember about Martin?

Last go around, Martin’s bio read, “Never Been Kissed,” because, well, the contestant had never been kissed.

According to her LinkedIn, Martin now works as an Assistant Program Manager at Aethercomm in San Diego County. She has been there for over three years. Prior to that, she worked as a Marketing Research Consultant at a Women’s Pregnancy Care Clinic.

Martin attended Biola University from 2013 to 2017, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

She has also been around Bachelor Nation for years. According to Pop Sugar, she’s friends with Bachelor In Paradise’s Tenley Molzahn, who has also appeared on Bachelor Pad and The Bachelor.

And while she hails from California, Heather loves country music. She’s attended the Big Country Bash and Stagecoach. But how did she get involved with The Bachelor, to begin with?

In an interview with Pop Culturalist, Heater shared, “My sister actually sent in a video as a joke. I’ve always loved the show—I’m honestly obsessed with it—and I was single, so my sister sent in a tape. I met with the casting directors, but nothing really happened, and then about two weeks before the show, I got a call and they were like, ‘Hey! Actually, based on who the bachelor is, we’d like to reconsider you.’ A week and a half later, I was on the show. It was a crazy whirlwind.

Asked about life before and after the show, she said, “Before the show, I was a project manager for an engineering company. Life’s been a bit crazier since coming back. Different opportunities have come along, but I’m back at work and living the same kind of life.

The Bachelor will premiere tonight on ABC at 8pm ET/PT.

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