WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Surprises Herself With Steal on ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson The Voice

NBC Kelly Clarkson as a coach on 'The Voice.'

During week two of Battle Rounds on “The Voice,” Kelly Clarkson used her steal on someone she didn’t expect.

Racquel Trinidad and Hailey Mia from Team Ariana faced off with “Car Wash” by Rose Royce. Grande gave the performance a standing ovation. John Legend told Hailey that he couldn’t believe she’s only 13 years old. “It’s crazy,” he said. “You sing with so much confidence and presence, it’s just ridiculous.”

However, John Legend said he would side with Raquel if the choice were up to him. He pointed out the “polish and professionalism” in her voice. Clarkson said that although she loves Raquel, her “surprise today was Hailey. There’s something that’s just super kind of magical about the fact that you’re 13 and you just did that.”

Grande declared Raquel the winner of the Battle, but Clarkson used her last remaining steal on Hailey. “I did not plan on using my steal here,” said Clarkson. “But you came out and I was like ‘what?’ You’re really gifted.” Backstage, Racquel said, “They just stole her, I’m so happy.” Grande also got on her feet and cheered for the steal. “Nobody’s happier than your coach, Ariana,” host Carson Daly said.

Watch Raquel and Hailey’s performance of “Car Wash” below.

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The Coaches’ Drinking Game That Makes Fun of Clarkson

Blake Shelton has made fun of Clarkson in the past for using the word “navigated” to describe her experience on a singing competition show. After stealing Hailey, Clarkson told the 13-year-old singer she feels that she’d be a great coach for her because she’s also navigated a competition like this one.

“I said navigate, that’s right,” Clarkson said. “Drink up,” John Legend replied, taking a sip from his thermos. Grande and Shelton then clinked their thermoses together.

Ever wondered what the coaches drink on “The Voice?” In a 2019 Twitter video, Shelton said that he drinks Smithworks vodka and Sprite on the show. Shelton is a spokesperson for Smithworks.

An Instagram post on “The Voice”‘s official page listed the coaches’ coffee orders. Grande likes herbal tea, Legend enjoys cold brews with almond milk, Clarkson likes dirty Chai lattes, and Shelton’s order was merely labeled “don’t ask.”

Which Contestants Are Going into the Knockout Rounds?

The Battle Rounds are officially over and the remaining contestants are headed into the Knockout rounds next week. Who is left on each team? Here’s the rundown.

Team Kelly

Clarkson currently has a total of eight acts on her team: Holly Forbes, Hailey Mia, Gymani, Girl Named Tom, Kinsey Rose, Jeremy Rosado, The Cunningham Sisters, and Xavier Cornell.

Team Legend

Legend is going into the battle rounds with six performers on his team: Joshua Vacanti, Sabrina Dias, Samuel Harness, Jershika Maple, Paris Winningham, and BrittanyBree.

Team Ariana

Like Clarkson, Grande has eight acts on her roster: Jim and Sasha Allen, Raquel Trinidad, Shadale, Katie Rae, Bella DeNapoli, David Vogel, Katherine Ann Mohler, and Ryleigh Plank.

Team Blake

Shelton’s team is comprised of Carson Peters, Wendy Moten, Peedy Chavis, Hailey Green, Lana Scott, Libianca, Berritt Haynes, and Jonathan Mouton.

During the Knockouts, two contestants from the same team will compete against each other for one spot in the competition. Contestants choose their own songs and perform alone during the Knockouts.

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