WATCH: Sneak Peek of the First Team Kelly Battle Rounds on ‘The Voice’

girl named tom the voice

NBC Girl Named Tom during the Battle Rounds on "The Voice."

The blind auditions are over on “The Voice” and now it’s time for the Battle Rounds.

Although the first Battle Rounds episode doesn’t air until Monday, October 11, a sneak peek of a Team Kelly battle has been released. It’s a battle of the country/folk singers: Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey Rose!

Girl Named Tom is a trio of siblings who sing beautifully in harmony. They got all four coaches to turn around during their blind audition. Kinsey Rose is a country singer who joined Team Kelly after Kelly Clarkson blocked Blake Shelton during her blind audition.

For their joint performance, Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose performed “Seven Bridges Road” by The Eagles. Kinsey Rose had her work cut out for her as a solo artist competing against three voices in harmony. But were Bekah Grace’s (the lead singer of Girl Named Tom) solo moments as strong as Kinsey Rose’s?

Watch the incredible performance below.

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What Did the Coaches Say About the Performance?

Although it’s ultimately up to Coach Kelly who stays and who goes after this battle, all the coaches weighed in on the performance.

Shelton commented that the four performers “need to be singing together all the time.” He told Kinsey Rose that he would think about keeping her if he was Clarkson because “you have so much character in your voice.” He also complimented Bekah Grace of Girl Named Tom on her solo moments saying, “your voice is so freaking powerful.”

The “God’s Country” singer refused to pick a winner of the battle. “They pay me to pick people but I don’t care, I’ll take a pay cut. I’m not gonna say, it’s too good.”

Ariana Grande, looking stunning in a purple fringe skirt with a matching fringe-lined cropped shirt, complimented the performers on their arrangement of the song. She also picked a winner of the battle. “I would lean slightly in the direction of Girl Named Tom,” she said hesitantly and apologetically.

Although John Legend said he feels more “musically connected” to Girl Named Tom, he added that “Kinsey to me sounded like the best soloist. Her tone is just so crisp and it’s very compelling.”

Tune in to “The Voice” on Monday, October 11 at 8 p.m. Eastern time to find out who Clarkson picked to advance in the competition.

How Do the Battle Rounds Work?

The rules of the Battle Rounds are pretty simple. Two contestants (or acts, in the case of Girl Named Tom and Kinsey Rose) from the same team face off against each other. They perform the same song at the same time. They don’t get to pick which song they sing. After the performance, their coach must decide which of them will advance to the next round and which of them is eliminated.

After the Battle Rounds come the Knockout Rounds. In the Knockouts, contestants are also competing against a member of their own team. The difference is they pick their own song and they perform solo.

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