Some ‘The Voice’ Fans Blast Season 21 Contestant For Being ‘Disingenuous’

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NBC "The Voice" season 21 has 10 contestants remaining.

Some fans of NBC’sThe Voice” are upset about one specific contestant on Ariana Grande’s team after they say he used social media to his advantage but is not really a fan of his coach on the show.

Sasha Allen, a young contestant who is part of the Jim and Sasha father-son duo on “The Voice,” has fans questioning whether he’s a fan of his coach or not.

One fan of the show, who was blocked by Sasha Allen on social media, shared some screenshots of what looked like a tense situation after Allen deleted some tweets, according to the post.

Fans Think Allen Uses Social Media To His Advantage

It appears as though Allen was arguing with fans of coach Ariana Grande on Twitter, though those tweets have now been deleted.

He did, however, tweet, “i deleted a lot of tweets simply bcuz i do not want to feed into the hateful and brutally inaccurate things sum ppl have said about me ! it’s not worth it, & I’m so lucky to have all of u ppl who love n support me. Some people do not like me very much & that’s ok! I love you,” according to screenshots posted.

The person who posted the screenshots tweeted, “He decided he was gonna get hit tweets dragging Ariana stans, and now is playing victim when they drag him back. I thought he said he knew how Twitter worked.”

Some People Think Allen’s Social Media Is ‘Off-Putting’

The tweet accuses Allen of not actually being a fan of Grande.

“not that I’m on anyone’s side but he’s clearly a swiftie from the way I’m perceiving it so either he’s a tayriana stan or a full-on swiftie that probably doesn’t truly vibe w ariana’s music cause don’t hardcore swifties not vibe with ariana’s music much?” one person replied. 

One viewer replied to a Reddit thread about the duo explaining why they think Allen’s social media presence can be off-putting.

“He is charismatic and likeable and he uses it to his benefit,” the comment reads. “With that it also feels that he is using Ariana and her fans to his benefit too. There was a thread on Twitter about how he would consistently respond and interact with fans… and some people felt it was disingenuous.”

The comment argues that Allen is getting by on his social media presence rather than on his and his father’s voices or performances on the show. The show is, however, at its core a popularity contest because the contestants get by on votes, so using social media in the way Allen does can also be considered smart.

For what it’s worth, Allen tweeted that he would not get his father to be on Twitter because of all the hate the duo sometimes receives.

The duo obviously has a ton of fans, especially being that they have been saved multiple times by viewers. They are also part of Team Ariana, and that means that Grande can use her social media presence and prowess to help them stay in the competition.

Some fans even took to Reddit to talk about how much they like the duo.

“The Voice” airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time (live) and Pacific (recorded) on NBC.

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