Wendy Moten Performs With Broken Elbow She Got on ‘The Voice’

Wendy Moten

NBC Wendy Moten performing on November 29 on 'The Voice' with a broken elbow

During a live taping of “The Voice” on November 23, contestant Wendy Moten tripped over a monitor and fell onstage after a performance with the rest of Team Blake.

Host Carson Daly called for the show to pause while they made sure Moten was okay. Blake Shelton went onstage to check on Moten himself. “We just had someone fall, we have some people coming to help now,” Daly explained. “Unfortunate event from Wendy Moten, who is walking off and we hope she is OK.”

Later in the episode, Moten stood next to Daly and told the viewers at home she was okay. “I’m a little bruised, but you know what? I’m still ready to go,” Moten said. But on the November 29 episode of “The Voice,” it was revealed that Moten went to the hospital later that night. She broke her right elbow and fractured her left wrist as a result of the fall.

Watch the video of Moten’s fall below:

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Moten Performed With a Broken Elbow

On the November 29 episode of “The Voice”, Moten performed “Jolene” by Dolly Parton with a broken elbow. She wore jewel-encrusted long sleeves so the cast on her right arm was somewhat inconspicuous, but she held her right arm perfectly still for the entire performance.

The coaches praised Moten’s resilience. Kelly Clarkson gave her “kudos” for even being onstage at the week she’s had. Her own coach Blake Shelton said he had never seen a better example of fearlessness and perseverance and reiterated that he thinks Moten deserves to make it to the finale.

As for the performance itself, John Legend complimented Moten on showing restraint and telling the story of the song. “I was just transfixed, it was like religious for me,” said Legend. 

Some Fans Weren’t Happy With Another Member of Team Blake

It’s challenge week on “The Voice,” meaning the contestants are supposed to step outside their comfort zone and perform a song from a genre they normally wouldn’t. Country singer Lana Scott of Team Blake sang “The One Who Got Away” by Katy Perry. But, she told Blake Shelton her plan was to “countrify” it, which some fans felt went against the point of challenge week.

“Challenge week and Lana is still singing country?” one viewer wrote on Twitter. “Isn’t the point of challenge week not to do your main genre…,” another tweeted. Although some fans weren’t impressed, the coaches gave Scott’s performance positive feedback. In this week’s coaching, Shelton told Scott she’s meant to be in the top 8 and he sees no reason she won’t make it there.

Joshua Vacanti Performs Love Song on His Wedding Anniversary

Joshua Vacanti of Team Legend has wowed “The Voice” viewers with his vocal chops on musical theatre, pop, and rock songs so his coach thought it was nice for some soul.

Legend assigned Vacanti “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keyes. Vacanti said he was “terrified” when he first received the assignment but figured who better than Legend to coach him through singing an R&B hit.

The night of the live show, November 29, also happed to be Vacanti’s two-year wedding anniversary with his wife Sam Olewnik, which he said made him feel connected to the song. “Happy anniversary bubs. I got your back, you got mine,” Vacanti wrote on Instagram.

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