What’s Next For ‘The Voice’ Season 21 Finalist Wendy Moten?

Wendy Moten The Voice

NBC Wendy Moten

Wendy Moten was the oldest, and most experienced, finalist on NBC’sThe Voice” season 21. The singer started the competition on Blake Shelton’s team, where she stayed for the entire competition.

Ultimately, Moten finished in second place to Kelly Clarkson’s trio act Girl Named Tom.

After the finale, Moten took to social media to thank her coach and congratulate the winners of the season.

“WHAT A WEEK!!! THANK YOU @blakeshelton for guiding me through this process & @girlnamedtom on winning @nbcthevoice this season!!! THANK YOUU to ALL of the contestants and THE FANS! #WENDYNATION, you were with me the whole time!!! I cannot thank you enough! I’m gonna get this surgery done and then back to business… I love you and thank you,” she wrote on Instagram.

Moten broke her elbow after a live performance on “The Voice” when she fell on the stage and injured both arms. The arm required surgery to fix, and she has now been through that process.

Moten Will Record New Music Soon

Moten will be recording new music for her fans soon, she shared on Instagram.

“Counting the days until I have fully recovered from my elbow surgery so I can get back to work finishing recording my new music and performing live!!!” she shared. “I’ll most definitely keep you all posted and I hope there’s something in the works with @blakeshelton too!!! Fingers crossed!”

It’s possible that Moten was actually hinting at an upcoming project with her coach from the show. Shelton was a huge supporter of Moten during her time on “The Voice,” advocating at every turn for her to win the show.

Though she did not come away with the cash prize or record deal, she will still be releasing newly recorded music in the upcoming year.

According to PopCulture, Moten had her surgery at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 17.

Fans Think Moten Was ‘Robbed’

Some fans were upset with the way the season finale of “The Voice” went down.

“I am home tired of POC women not getting the reconciliation they deserve,” a Reddit post reads. “How is it season 754 & no one has won. I see these girls leaving it all on the stage & out sing the coffee shop singers. Yet they don’t win. Like am I missing something?”

Some fans took the time to say that, since people vote to determine the winner, it is inherently based on popularity.

“This season it was very clear that Wendy had the best voice, probably the best contestant voice on the show ever. She amazed me…probably most of us,” one person wrote in response to the original post. “That being said, it felt like she had a serious problem emotionally connecting with the audience. Yes, being a female POC might have hurt her with the show’s demographics. I think it is crazy that she didn’t win.”

Others thought that the demographic could be the reason Moten did not win and that they may stop watching the show after season 21.

“The Voice” has not yet been renewed for season 22. If the show is renewed, then it will return in the fall cycle of 2022, likely in mid-September.

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Tim Leigh
Tim Leigh
4 months ago

Simply put this season was a joke! The show is called The Voice! Not the Voices! Wendy was robbed! I’m done watching a popularity contest!

Janie Jones
Janie Jones
4 months ago

Truly I was very disappointed that Wendy didn’t win. They were both good singers but Wendy sung the best with the best song choices in a row more than I’ve ever heard any contestant sing on The Voice.

Let me also say that I have never seen Blake jump out of his seat each time Wendy would sing. He literally lit up like a Christmas light bulb cheering her on. Lol.

I’m sure there were setbacks that didn’t allow Wendy to reach her dreams but God gave her that opportunity when she entered and auditioned on The Voice. I call it divine intervention. God opened the door so that she would have that opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Wendy deserves a second chance in life.

Maybe one day they will invite her back on The Voice as a guest singer.

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