‘sMothered’ Star Angelica Gets Blasted While Pregnant

Angelica Sunhe

TLC TLC viewers were not pleased with "sMothered" star Angelica after watching a preview for the June 14 episode.

TLC viewers were not pleased with pregnant “sMothered” star Angelica after watching a preview for the June 14 episode.

Angelica, her fiance, Jason and her mother, Sunhe, first appeared on the series since its inception in 2019. From sharing bathwater in season one to announcing her pregnancy in season three, viewers have watched Jason and Angelica continue with their relationship despite Sunhe’s very vocal disapproval.

While Sunhe has received plenty of flack from fans over the years, it was Angelica’s turn to catch some criticism after she didn’t stand up to Sunhe over the spare bedroom situation.

Sunhe and Jason’s mother are planning to move into his home to help with the baby, but he told Sunhe she couldn’t stay in the second bedroom because he’s saving it for his mother. Instead, Jason suggested she sleep in the office, which they’re turning into a nursery for the baby. When Sunhe threatened to back out of the move, Angelica said she needed to have her mother with her.

Some Fans Had ‘Pity’ for Angelica’s Baby

A discussion about the incident took place on Facebook after the preview was shared by TLC.

“I’m pretty sure the only reason Jason’s mom says she’s gonna move in is to try and get Sunhe out!” one of the most popular comments said. “But Angelica is the one that needs to get it together because she enables her mom’s horrible behavior.”

“Oh Angelica, you need to grow up and do what Jason needs instead of letting your Mom run your lives,” another person wrote. “Your Mom never wanted to be at Jason’s and she didn’t even want you to be with Jason.”

One viewer said they felt sorry for Angelica’s baby. “She doesn’t NEED her to be in the same household either mom. Girl, grow the heck up,” they penned. “I pity that baby.”

Jason Said His Mother Was His ‘Priority’

The past two seasons showed Jason being relatively submissive when it came to his partner’s extreme relationship with her mother, but he started to take a stand once his own mother got involved.

After she found out Jason and Angelica were having a baby, Jason’s mother decided she wanted to move to Las Vegas. Sunhe was shocked to find out she wasn’t going to be moving into the second bedroom.

“Sunhe is constantly berating me. I take big offense to that,” Jason told TLC cameras in a confessional. “This was going to be Sunhe’s room but now my mother is coming. So it’s going to be my mom’s room and Sunhe can just stay with the baby in the nursery.”

“I’m sure Sunhe is going to want to spend a lot of time with the baby anyway so what’s the big deal?” he added. “I know Sunhe thinks that whatever she says goes but this is still my house and my mom is now going to be a priority.”

Sunhe suspected that Jason’s change in position was because of his mother. “When I agreed to move in with Jason and Angelica, I understood that I would have my own room. I need my own space,” she said in a confessional of her own. “The only reason I think Jason is going back on the agreement is because of his mother’s wanting to move to Las Vegas.”

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