Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister’s Final Instagram Post: A Tribute to Deebo Samuel

Tom Lister deebo

Getty Tommy 'Tiny' Lister's final post on Instagram before his death was a shout out to another famous Deebo - Deebo Samuel of the 49ers.

Actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister, best known for playing the role of Deebo in the Friday films, died on December 10, 2020, TMZ reported. He was 62.

In a twist of fate, the veteran actor’s final post on Instagram before his death was a tribute to another famous Deebo – Deebo Samuel of the San Francisco 49ers, who was drafted by the franchise in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft. On December 7, Lister shared a video of the 24-year-old wide-receiver and wrote, “I see You @19problemz Deebo Samuels Baddest In the Game. S/o to Deebo Samuels @19problemz.”

Earlier that same day, Lister shared another video of Samuel warming up before the game. Lister nods in approval as the announcer refers to Samuel as “one of the toughest wide receivers in the game today.”

The proud 49ers fan referred to Samuel as “his dude,” in a previously filmed promotional video shared on Twitter.

Clearly, the infamous Deebo from the Friday movies felt a connection to this fellow Deebo, a rising star in the NFL, and the love was reciprocated. After learning of Lister’s death, Samuel shared a tribute of his on his Instagram stories.

InstagramDeebo Samuel paid tribue to his “big bro” on his Instagram stories following the news of Lister’s death.

Samuel shared the same video Lister had posted and wrote, “This crazy man frfr. Was a blessing meeting you and getting to know you fore sure. Rest up big bro.”

Lister Garnered Over 200,000 Followers on Instagram

Lister was a big fan of Instagram and regularly shared updates about his life on the social media app. Lister, who has 220 acting credits to his name, had 11 projects in different stages of production at the time of his death. Best known for his roles as President Lindberg in The Fifth Element, Deebo in Friday, and voicing the role of Finnick in Zootopia, Lister appeared in over 80 films throughout his career.

The actor and wrestler who starred alongside Hulk Hogan in the movie, No Holds Barred, also enjoyed posting throwbacks to some of his favorite roles. In October, he shared a clip from his appearance on the Comedy Central series, Key & Peele.

The beloved actor is survived by his wife, Felicia Forbes, whom he married in 2003, and their daughter.

Lister Never Played for the NFL But Briefly Wrestled for the WWF & WCW

With his towering size and strength, Lister was the 1982 Division II Shot Put Champion while attending Cal State University, it wasn’t a huge surprise when he tried his luck in the ring. After three highly-anticipated matches with his co-star Hogan, in 1990, he took on Abdullah the Butcher for his first non-World Wrestling Federation match.

In 1996, Lister briefly returned to wrestle under the name Z-Gangsta for a Doomsday Cage match against Hogan as part of The Alliance To End Hulkamania.

Lister didn’t love wrestling, but he loved the money he made from it. “Vince McMahon was a great negotiator,” he revealed to Grantland
“He would already wire the money into my account before he even started [negotiating. Who’s going to say no? You’re going to take $56,000 out of your checking account?”

While Lister made $56,000 for SummerSlam, he earned $17,00 for Saturday Night’s Main Event, a $40,000 payday for No Holds Barred: The Match, and an additional $35,000 for appearing in the Survivor Series.

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