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50 Best 70th Birthday Gifts: Your Ultimate List

Hitting 70 is a seriously big deal, and it’s a great excuse to throw a huge celebration. As with any milestone birthday, you likely feel some pressure to find gifts that are worthy of someone’s big day. We’ve got lots of awesome ideas for the best 70th birthday gifts for the new septuagenarian in your life.

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Just because 70 has rolled around, don't assume your birthday man or woman is "old," because 70 is the new 50 according to this report from CNBC. So splurge on things that enhance their fitness, outdoor experiences, or general indulgence. At this point, they've earned it, and if you're lucky, you can enjoy more time with them while you plan for their 80th.

What Are the Most Meaningful 70th Birthday Gifts?

Because you're shopping for someone you probably know well, it's a great time to explore more about their personal interests and find something that will truly touch them with your insight. 

If they've got a cabin or getaway place, consider getting them some special decor item that will make them think of you whenever they see it. 

If you're far away and you're shopping for gifts for your grandparents, you might consider a digital photo frame to which everyone in the family can upload pictures and videos. 

What Are the Best 70th Birthday Gifts for Men?

Don't be afraid to get an older man gifts that make him feel pampered. There are so many who assume a gentleman wouldn't like skincare products, fashionable clothes, or a luxury shaving set, but all of those things are coveted by the man who likes to look younger than his years. 

Also, if you're shopping for a man who has spent a lifetime working, he may find himself needing to develop some new hobbies. If he's musically inclined, consider getting him a kit to build his own guitar.

If he's always wanted to learn about woodworking, consider tools that might get him started like a great drill-driver or chop saw.

If he's a hunter, consider a hunting knife kit that lets him craft his own knife with a Damascus steel blade. 

What Are the Best 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom?

When it comes to great gifts for your mom, she'll probably appreciate things that are useful or give her a break from the norm. While gift cards and surprise appointments at the spa are nice, you could also consider getting her into some new activity.

Would she enjoy learning yoga or meditation? A great yoga mat set is a great gift for people of any age, but especially those who are getting older. Yoga has some serious overall health benefits for seniors say the experts at The Chopra Center.

Does your mom love to garden or cook and finally has the time to express herself through those activities? Buy her that KitchenAid stand mixer she's always wanted or get her a beautiful potting bench.

Encourage her to write her personal history for your family so her memories are never lost. There are many guided journals to help her do that and relive her best memories at the same time.

What Are the Best Funny 70th Birthday Gifts?

For anyone who has a sense of humor about their age, there are so many hilarious gifts that are a step above gag gifts which tend to get thrown aside. 

Tee shirts and hats that poke fun at someone's age are always fair game, as long as they're somewhat socially acceptable. But there are a cadre of funny coffee mugs, wine glasses, aprons and more, all of which will be useful as well as humorous.

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