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15 Live Edge Tables You’ll Absolutely Love

Home decor and furniture are ever-evolving, mixing styles and creating new ones. Live edge tables are the perfect example of how designs can blend as they take what was once considered a rustic wood slab and turn it into something modern, contemporary and cool.

Make no mistake, these tables have been around for a long time, but we’re not talking about log furniture here. Rather, we’re looking at sleek and elegant pieces that would easily fit homes from different eras as well as your lake lodge or cabin.

Many of these tables take mid century modern design to new heights, while some are more industrial modern and others simply offer fun and funky ways to incorporate wood into your decor. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.

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What Are Live Edge Tables?

Simply put, a live edge table features wood that has the natural shape and curved edge from where the bark actually meets the wood of a tree. Once the bark has been removed it often reveals interesting characteristics that make a table look a lot more dynamic. 

According to this article from Hardwood Lumber Company, the live edge actually preserves the natural spirit of the wood, and we like that kind of thinking. Much like many people believe in the powers of crystals and other objects from nature, live edge wood, too, has much to offer from that standpoint.

Are Live Edge Tables Trendy?

While live edge tables are certainly considered trendy at the moment, they've been around for a long time. Rustic cabin furniture made from pine and cedar logs has been popular for quite some time, however, live edge furniture is a more refined art.

One of America's most famous furniture makers has to be George Nakashima, who created a rebirth of live edge furniture in the 1940s. Now his tables sell for tens of thousands of dollars, and his family continues to operate George Nakashima Woodworkers to this day, creating elegant pieces in true Nakashima style. 

Why Are Live Edge Tables So Expensive?

Truth be told, compared to other solid wood furniture, live edge tables are no more expensive than other pieces. In fact, smaller end tables and coffee tables are quite affordable, but as with all wood, the larger pieces can run into the thousands.

Because varieties of furniture grade wood are becoming more scarce, particularly hardwoods, you'll note that the price goes up by variety. Expect to pay a lot more for walnut than you might for cherry or walnut.

Partly it's due to scarcity and smaller size trees, but demand is also escalating the price, per this article from Kathleen Grodsky. Most live edge tables, (sometimes referred to as slab tables,) require larger pieces for the highest quality tabletops, you can expect to make a more substantial investment in them.

Is a Live Edge Table Right for My Home?

Depending on your decor, a live edge table can easily fit into your living room, dining room or den. So many of today's tables feature bases and legs that blend styles from mid century modern to industrial to boho chic. 

We've seen them used in lots of globally inspired designs, as well as Asian and minimalist settings. We think the easy fit is because most of these tables, while certainly about function, are focused on form and the natural beauty of the wood, which plays the starring role. 

If you're looking for tips on how best to use live edge furniture in your home, these helpful tips from HayNeedle will give you some solid ideas.

Wondering How to Make a Live Edge Table Yourself?

Honest, we're not kidding here. You can do it if you have a little creativity, the right tools and an ability to find the perfect slab of wood that inspires you. 

The good news is that you'll find quite a few live edge slabs for sale on Amazon if you have the desire and motivation to get started. You can custom order the size you need, the type of wood you want, the finish you desire and whether or not you want the bark removed or not.

Often you can also order a variety of table legs, so the only part you have to do is assembly, but you can still tell people you built it yourself, which is pretty darned cool.

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