New York Health Department Gags Over Lady Gaga’s Restaurant

Lady Gaga, Restaurant, Health Department

Do you really want to eat at a restaurant owned by a woman who wore a rotting raw meat dress out in public?

Lady Gaga’s meat dress may, after all this time, still seem fresher than a lot of the menu at the New York City restaurant the oddball diva owns with her family. A Department of Health inspection found six critical violations including failing to keep food away from contamination, reports The Smoking Gun.

Altogether, the Oct. 2 inspection revealed a total of eight separate sanitary violations that total 42 violation points. To put that in perspective, restaurants that get more than 28 violation points get a “C” grade, which is the lowest city officials offer. And the real kiss of death comes when the health department slaps that “C” on a restaurant’s front window.

Here’s what they found:

Lady Gaga, Restaurant, Health Violations,

Gaga and her family still have time to keep the C from appearing in their Upper West Side restaurant, because they can appeal to the Health Tribunal. But they may be running out of time, because this week’s review was a reinspection from August, which found five critical violations.

It didn’t take long for Joanne Trattoria, which is the restaurant’s name, and not “Lady Gaga’s Place,” to dirty up. It only opened in February, and is being operated by Gaga’s parents Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta.

Inspectors first went through the eatery in March, racking up 31 points and giving it its first “C” rating. A re-inspection in March found 12 and the Trattoria got an “A” grade that lasted just a few months before the inspectors returned.

The thing is, though, Gaga’s parents will have time to get that “A” grade back again, and judging from the appearance of the high-scale restaurant, it’s not exactly the dive the health department report insinuates:

Lady Gaga, restaurant, Health Department

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