Jerome Barson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Linda Barson, Jerome barson, Venus Williams Car Crash

GettyJerome Barson, 78, has died as the result of a car crash involving Venus Williams.

Jerome Barson, 78, died on June 22, two weeks after being involved in a car accident with professional tennis player Venus Williams.

Barson’s wife, Linda, was driving the couple’s Toyota Accent when it collided with Williams’ 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV. Palm Beach Gardens Police say witnesses told investigators that Williams ran a red light, which led to the crash. Williams claims that she was in the middle of the intersection and was forced to slow down because of traffic, and did not see Barson’s vehicle when she started moving again.

The police report states, “[Williams] is at fault for violating the right of way of [the other driver].”

As a result of the incident, Barson was immediately rushed to the hospital, and placed in the ICU. The investigation is ongoing.

Read on to learn more about Jerome Barson.

1. He Suffered Head Trauma and Internal Bleeding From the Crash

Jerome suffered internal bleeding, a fractured spine, head trauma, and internal organ damage from the crash, according to TMZ Sports. He was immediately transported to the ICU, where he remained until his death 14 days later.

The outlet reports that Linda suffered from a cracked sternum and multiple broken bones.

2. He Was Married to His Wife for Over 33 Years

Jerome barson, Venus Williams Accident

Jerome Barson died 14 days after being involved in an accident on June 9.

Jerome and Linda were married for over 33 years, according to TMZ. Jerome passed away on his wife’s 68th birthday.

On June 22, a relative of the couple, named Moshe Martin Cohen, posted a photo to Facebook in memory of Jerome. Friends expressed their condolences to the family in the comments section of the Facebook post.

The Barson family’s lawyer, Michael Streinger, said the whole family is “distraught” and that Jerome “fought for his life for 14 days.”

3. Barson’s Family Is Filing a Lawsuit Against Williams

Michael Steinger, the attorney for Linda Barson, said that the Barson family will file suit against Williams over the accident. Speaking to Good Morning America, Steinger said that the family is doing their best to get police to release video evidence of the accident, but their efforts have been unsuccessful.

According to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Venus “failed to yield the right of way, blew through a red light, drove too fast while distracted, and recklessly created a situation where the accident was unavoidable.”

4. Williams Has Called It an ‘Unfortunate Accident’

James Barson Venus williams, Jerome Barson dead venus williams

GettyVenus Williams of the United States looks on in her women’s singles fourth round match against Timea Bacsinszky of Switzerland during day eight of the French Open.

Thursday afternoon, Williams came forward to publicly discuss the incident from her point of view. She described it as an “unfortunate accident”.

Williams’ attorney, Malcolm Cunningham, says that police reports estimate that Williams’ was driving 5 mph when her car collided with the Barson’s vehicle.

The tennis pro is slated to play at Wimbleodn next week. She’s won the single title five times.

5. The Attorney Representing the Barson Family Says He Believes Police Have ‘Impeded’ the Investigation Into the Car Accident

James Barson Venus williams, Jerome Barson dead venus williams

GettyVenus Williams of USA looks on against Beatriz Haddad Maia of Brazil at Crandon Park Tennis Center.

According to ABC News, the family representing the Barson’s “believes police have ‘impeded’ their investigation into the car accident involving Williams that claimed the life of Barson and injured his wife, Linda Barson.”

On Good Morning America, Michael Steinger said:

There are video cameras that were placed at guard houses where Ms. Williams lives and the police have refused, after multiple requests, to turn those over to us and we would like to see a visual portrayal of the accident on those videos… They have impounded all the vehicles and have impeded our ability to conduct our investigation and to be able to move forward.”


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She will get away with it because she is rich and of African American descent


“Get away” with what? Intersections are blocked all the time during heavy traffic. Doesnt mean you ram your car into the side of the other vehicle. Maybe the wife was to old to be driving and her reaction and depth perception were impaired due to age.

Tyrone Johnson

Deepak would you like to recant your statement? Probable not troll!!


“Facts” … LOL…. this is not factual otherwise they would have at least obtained factual information about vehicle models…how can one trust any of this if they cant get the easiest of facts correct! Toyota does not manufacture and bever has, the model “Accent.”

With impounded vehicles and video, how does this journalist…no, gossip monger, arrive at the ‘fact’ that Ms. Williams was speeding and blew through a red light? The more likely situation was that Ms. Williams entered the intersection and was blocked from exiting it. When the light changed, the other vehicle ALSO entered an unsafe intersection and collided with Ms. William’s SUV broadside. Ms. William’s car did not hit them…they hit her…though Ms.Williams likely should not have entered the intersection if she could not exit it safely. By being blocked from exiting the intersection, she is at fault for obstructing other vehicles’ rights-of-way. Nothing mean or evil here, just an unfortnate series of events that could happen to anyone, which ended in tragedy. If one wants a lesson in integrity, follow the truth in this case and see how Ms. Williams perseveres — her humanity is unsurpassed and There is little doubt she will take responsibility for her errors, if any.

Celebrity, money, tragedy + avarice and greed make for interesting representations of ‘facts.’

Peaches Hornberger

Thank you for explaining the situation. If it was an ordinary person driving there would be no civil law suit either. Sad all the way around. Praying for Venus and the other family

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