Mollie Tibbetts Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

mollie tibbetts family

Facebook Mollie Tibbetts' family has launched an extensive search for the missing Iowa college student.

The Mollie Tibbetts family has gone public in an effort to find the missing Iowa college student, who vanished without a trace.

Mollie Tibbetts’ body has now been found and she is dead, according to Fox News. You can read about that report here.

Mollie, 20, a University of Iowa student, went missing on July 18, 2018. She was last seen going for a run in Brooklyn, Iowa, the community of 1,400 people where she was living during the summer. She sent her boyfriend a message that night, but no one has heard from her since. The disappearance has sparked extensive searches as Mollie’s family tries to find her. She was staying at the home of her boyfriend’s brother when she disappeared.

Mollie is to be a sophomore studying sociology at the University of Iowa in the fall of 2018. There was an unconfirmed report that someone may have seen Mollie at a Missouri truck stop. You can read about that report here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Family Members Reported Mollie Tibbetts Missing & Say They Know Mollie Is a ‘Fighter’

The disappearance has obviously been extremely taxing on Mollie’s close family, but they say she is a fighter, so they are hoping the best outcome results. Rob Tibbetts, Mollie’s father, and Dalton Jack, her boyfriend, spoke out about the disappearance.

Rob Tibbetts, who lives in California, said to WHO-TV, “This is not about our emotions. We can have them later. We are going to fight and we are going to fight for Mollie.”

He added to the TV station: “She’s a real person. She’s just not a face on a poster. She’s our daughter, she’s our sister, she’s our friend. We just want her home.”

Mollie also has a brother named Scott who told WHO-TV, “I think the best way we’ve been able to keep a positive mentality is the fact that we all know Mollie. We all know what kind of person she is and how smart she is and how much of fighter she is.”

“It’s frustrating; it’s powerless,” said Mollie Tibbetts’ aunt, Kim Calderwood, of Brooklyn, to The Des Moines Register. “We’re racking our brains, thinking what can we think of to tell the investigators. It’s the worst thing … to want to fix something you can’t fix.”

Calderwood told the newspaper she wasn’t giving up hope because Mollie is “strong and sassy and a fighter and stubborn and she is not a quitter.”

Family members reported Tibbetts missing Thursday, July 19, 2018. Mollie was last seen on July 18, 2018 in Brooklyn, Iowa. She is 20-years-old and stands 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighing 120 pounds. She is described in a missing poster as being athletic with brown eyes, long brown hair, tan complexion, and athletic clothing. Her full name is Mollie Cecilia Tibbetts. People with information are asked to call the Iowa Missing Person Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-346-5507.

Anyone with information is also asked to call the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office, at 641-623-5679.

On Facebook, Mollie described herself as a Day Camp Intern at Grinnell Regional Medical Center who studied Psychology at University of Iowa, went to Brooklyn School, and lives in Brooklyn, Iowa. She is from Oakland, California.

2. The Family Has Created a Facebook Page Called ‘Finding Mollie Tibbetts’

There is a Facebook group devoted to finding Mollie called “Finding Mollie Tibbetts.”

“On behalf of all of us who are Mollie’s family, I want to thank you all for your help, sharing, ideas and prayers. Your love and energy have been nothing short of miraculous to see,” Sandi Tibbetts Murphy wrote on it.

“As you know, we have several investigators helping us try to find our girl. These folks are experts at their jobs and we have faith in all their efforts and decisions. As we get updates from the investigation team, please know that we will share what we can. I know it can be frustrating not to have new information – we feel that too. But we need to balance the needs and integrity of the investigation against the public nature of this group. We ask for your understanding and patience.”

She also wrote: “Today’s efforts have focused on a variety of tech means to get Mollie’s information and contacts. We have to remember that it’s not just the stuff on Mollie’s computer and social media, but also chasing posts and messages from others back to their source and getting all that identified and verified, then assessed for further follow up or not. I know patience is not our best virtue right now, but it will take time.”

Emily Heaston, a cousin of Mollie’s, wrote, “Investigators are hoping to expedite the imaging of Mollie’s laptop today, and get warrants out to Google and her social media accounts. The University of Iowa is extremely cooperative in those efforts as well. Any K-12 accounts or any old or unused log-ins will also be thoroughly searched.”

3. Mollie Tibbetts Has a Boyfriend Named Dalton Jack & His Mother Has Posted Repeatedly on Facebook About Mollie

Cynthia Brodie-Jack is the mother of Mollie’s boyfriend, Dalton Jack, who was two hours away for work when Mollie was reported missing. She’s posted repeatedly on Facebook about the missing woman. “She basically lives with my son, his brother and his brothers fiance when she is home from college. She was staying at the house by herself and taking care of the dogs while my son (her boyfriend), my other son and his fiance were out of town working. This is not the first time she has stayed there by herself as she lived there too,” she wrote.

She also wrote: “This is Mollie Tibbetts, she is my son’s long time girlfriend. She disappeared from Brooklyn, Iowa on Weds night 7/18 or early Thurs morning 7/19. She only has her phone (which is off or dead) and her fitbit with her. All of her identification and wallet is at my sons house. Along with both her glasses and contacts, she cannot see without them.”

She continued, writing, “She was staying at his place that he shares with my other son & my other son’s fiance to take care of their dogs while everyone was out of town for work. She is home for summer break from college. The last contact anyone has had with her was a Snapchat photo she sent to my son at around 10pm on Weds night. Her brother had her car (as they share it) and she did not respond to the text message he sent to her on Thurs morning asking if she needed it for work. She did not show up for work on Thurs. She is the most beautiful, kind, sweet woman and we all miss her and want her back home.”

Dalton Jack works with his brother at his construction company, Jack Building & Design. Blake Jack, his brother, and Allie Houghton, Blake’s fiancee, have been helping in the search.

4. Mollie’s Mother, Laura Calderwood, Says She Had No Enemies

Mollie’s mother, Laura Calderwood, has also spoken to the news media.

“It’s exhausting, I don’t know where she is, I don’t know if she’s safe,” Tibbetts’ mother Laura Calderwood told ABC 7.

Calderwood told the television station that “her daughter has no enemies.” The station added that investigators say “Mollie was last seen wearing gym shorts, a black sports bra and running shoes. Her wallet and ID’s all left behind at the home she shares with her boyfriend.”

Mollie’s is helping in Iowa with the search, reported the television station.

5. Mollie’s Mom Says Mollie Would Never Just Go Off the Grid

Although the family is hoping for the best outcome here, Mollie’s mom has said that it’s completely unlikely her daughter to go off the grid.

“No, absolutely not. Mollie would never run off. I last spoke with her at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night about what was for dinner. I told her brats. She said, ‘ok,'” Laura told KWWL-TV.

Laura said her daughter went for a run the day she went missing but then communicated with her boyfriend at 10 p.m. via Snapchat to say goodnight. She thinks it’s possible that Mollie really vanished the next day. “Possibly she went missing the next morning. She works for the day care and they were going to the fair Thursday and were all supposed to wear red shirts,” said Laura to the television station. “And we can’t find that red shirt Mollie was supposed to wear that morning anywhere.”