WATCH: Reporter Ken Dilanian Swears Multiple Times On-Air During MSNBC Segment

Ken Dilanian


Reporter Ken Dilanian started swearing during an on-air segment for MSNBC on Tuesday morning. In the segment, Dilanian was asked by MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin for details on new information regarding how the Trump administration was blocking the Biden transition team from moving forward, but he appeared unaware that he was actually on-air.

Looking at his phone, Dilanian said, “Oh, sh*t. F*ck.”

Dilanian has since apologized. Now, many on Twitter are expressing curiosity about what, specifically, caused Dilanian to swear. He has since explained the reason for his cursing in a tweet.

Dilanian wrote, “So sorry for the profanity I used on air last hour. I was experiencing some technical difficulties and mistakenly hung up on the control room, though my mic still was on. Perils of playing producer, cameraman and tech support all at the same time from home. #2020 🙃”

Here’s what you need to know:

WATCH: Dilanian Swears Twice On-Air After Reading Something on His Phone

In the segment above, Melvin opened the conversation with Dilanian with a question. He said, “How is the Trump administration handling the transition with the incoming Biden team, or not handling it, we should say, to a certain extent? This time it involves our intelligence community. Ken, what have you learned, sir?”

While Melvin was speaking, Dilanian was smiling into the camera, giving the impression that he was aware he was on-air. Then, after he was asked what he learned, Dilanian looked down at his phone, and said under his breath, “Oh, sh*t. F*ck.”

Many users took to Twitter to remark on the notable event. Maya Harris tweeted, “This just happened on @craigmelvin @MSNBC and it is perfect in every way..”

Many took the swearing as a response to the Trump administration’s efforts to block Biden’s team from the transition process. But, as explained above, Dilanian has since explained he was expressing frustration with a technical problem, not with the current political landscape.

WATCH: Dilanian Apologizes to Viewers for the Expletive, But Doesn’t Reveal What He Read on His Phone

Following the expletive, Melvin cut away from Dilanian’s camera. Later, Melvin brought Dilanian back on to apologize.

“We want to get back to NBC’s Ken Dilanian,” Melvin said. “We were having some technical difficulties a few moments ago.” Melvin proceeded to ask Dilanian, again, about what he’s learning about the latest news on the Trump administration’s effort to block the Biden transition team from moving forward.

Dilanian added, “Hey Craig, first I want to sincerely apologize to viewers who might have heard me use profanity at the top of the last hit.”

This is a developing news story and will be updated.

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