The 20 Most WTF! Photos from India


India is a mysterious land. While recently, India is most known for “out-sourcing” AKA ‘taking our jobs,’ mainly by doing them cheaper and better (except tech support!), this place is often described as endlessly fascinating. While India has a long way to go to being a modern nation, it is slowly evolving and things are getting better. Now, many don’t realize that India is almost as populous as China with 1.2 billion people. It’s huge and with that many folks, there’s bound to be a massive amount of WTF-inducing fail. Check out our selection of 30 WTF! pics.

Honey, I bought you a gift card for this new haircut place…

blow with confidence

If your police officer wears this, you’re gonna have a bad time.


Friend Zone Level: Easily Jumped Gap


Well, that’s one way to study.

1905 student preparing for exams

I guess I would slow down if the area was covered in this?


These are tickets for The Dark Knight Rises


A valid message, but a bit outdated, guys.


Ah, the rare WTF! delicious.


Gives a whole new meaning to ‘sick as a dog.’ Because that’s sick.


Ok this one’s fake, but too awesome to leave out.

fake but ghandi DJing

Yo dog, I heard you like WTF so we put WTF in your WTF photos


America just doesn’t get weird enough sometimes.

Indian OScars are better

I’m not a moped expert, but that’s three too many people using a moped.

Many on moped

Whenever you get a cast, everyone asks you the same 5 questions and it’s annoying. This guy solved that problem.

No time to answer

Let’s face it, you don’t know anyone with a house this cool.


It will be a better world when this is no longer happening.


Trash covers the streets, but so do good citizens.

Trash clean up

Indian woman carrying an awful British guy.


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I’m no sports expert, but any sport that involves bricks is a bad idea.


New Notification: Your House is Hideous.



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