Google Images Transforms into Atari ‘Breakout’

Do you long for the days of Pong, Space Invaders and the classic Atari game Breakout? Well, you’re in luck, you retro gamer, you. Google is known for their hidden Easter eggs and today they’ve unleashed a blast from arcade’s past with Breakout in Google Images.

atari breakout

Simply type “atari breakout” into Google Images and behold, a retro game you thought was gone forever is now at your finger tips. Or you can simply follow our link here to waste some time during your workday.

You may remember a few months ago that YouTube had a Harlem Shake Easter egg in which the whole page went berzerk to that infectious song.

Personally, I’d like to see Google hook-up some sort of Battletoads or Ninja Gaiden Easter egg, but that’s just me.