10 Interesting & Shocking Facts Revealed by Industry Insiders on Reddit


Reddit user paintedceiling posed this question “What is a “dirty little (or big) secret” about an industry that you have worked in that people outside the industry really ought to know?” to AskReddit, a community on reddit dedicated to crowdsourcing various questions. The results were variously shocking, unsurprising, and downright fascinating. We’ve collected the 10 most interesting ‘dirty little secrets’ we could find, and if you feel like digging around, here’s the original thread on reddit.

10. Arpeggiator13 Explains the Reality Behind Reality TV Shows

I would be appalled except I don’t watch awful TV shows.

Video editor here for reality TV. It’s fake for the most part. They usually do multiple takes of the “reality” scenes that are staged beforehand. The most recent egregious use of this is Duck Dynasty. They pass the show off as reality tv and they actually have table readings for that show before shoots. Not saying that reality TV isn’t sometimes entertaining. I’m just saying that you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this is actually reality and the camera just happened to be there when these people were doing what they normally do.

9. AnotherPunnyName Breaks the News About Twitter.

I never trust anyone who calls themselves a social media guru.

Ive said this before but its worth noting again:
75% of people on twitter are fake. I used to work for a social media company, and spent all day creating and acting like people online to connect people to our clients and make them fans of their music/food/whatever. We also had a “blast” program where we could tweet stuff out from accounts to create trending topics. So most of that stuff is organized.


8. Bridow Informs Us of What We All Expected: The MTV VMAs are BS

I love the imagery of a celeb running to his table just in time, though.

I’m a celebrity event photographer in Hollywood. Most of the smaller award shows winners like the MTV VMAs, Teen Choice Awards, etc…already know they are going to win. This motivates the talent to come to the event. During the show they are backstage talking with friends and take a seat during a commercial break just before their award is announced. The few exceptions are the Oscars and Golden Globes where the audience is mostly celebrities.

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7. DudeAbides87 Explains Applebee’s Chef Abilities

Your parents will still want to go out to eat there, though

I cooked at Crapplebee’s for a short while saving money to move out of state. They microwave pretty much 80% of the menu. And the food is a small step above burger king in quality.


6. SchleppyLundo Explains Why You Shouldn’t Hang Up On Telemarketers

But you can probably sneak in a few mean names.

Don’t hang up on telemarketers. If the dialer program they use works like mine, that just puts your number back into the database. If you don’t want to be called again, just say so. We’re required by law to comply.

5. User Claims Harley-Davidson is a Ticking Time Bomb, Deletes His Account Afterward

The fact that he deleted it makes me think it’s more likely.

Harley Davidson is in pretty bad shape, they store the lion’s share of their new motorcycles in some warehouses in Montana because they don’t want to stop production just to keep shareholder happy. They are a ticking time bomb.
Oh also for the last few years they force retailers to buy some new bikes every year even though they don’t change. If the retailers don’t buy them they lose their licensing to sell Harley’s.
So basically all their sales have been made up for the last five or so years.

4. KillManZiaro Reveals that This Movie Trick Just Won’t Work in Real Life

Kind of a bummer.

It is impossible to crawl through ventilation shafts. Professional duct worker here.

3. FutureIsMine Breaks the Pattern Regarding the Space Industry

Thank God.

I work in the space industry and I am happy to report that there are no tricks here, everything must work with multiple redundant systems.


2. LicianDragon Sheds Lights on Pet Store Suppliers

This one’s unsurprising, but still disgusting to read.

The suppliers of big pet store chains like Petsmart and Petco are horrid for the animals. They’re nothing but breeding factories, churning out as many animals as possible with no thought to their health. A large majority of our animal shipments came in sick, dehydrated, or dead. Animals were often left in the back “sick room” with little if any veterinary care. We once had a greek tortoise with a respiratory infection languish for 6 MONTHS back there, barely eating anything at all before someone finally took her to the vet and had her put down. I adopted many animals during my 3 years there, including a cordon blue finch that had caught her leg in cage wiring, snapping in half at the ankle, and a gerbil that came in with no eyes and a horrible break in his leg. They would have otherwise sat in a small dark cage their whole lived never being offered up for sale.

LicianDragon has more to say, including the fact that dogs and cats are NOT treated this way. Check out the whole post here.

1. DiverDave76 Reveals Gulf of Mexico to be a Garbage Dump

Animals are victims here too, but humanity will surely start to pay for this kind of thing once the ecosystems involved get messed up enough.

I was a deep sea diver for 10 years in the Gulf of Mexico. Huge oil spills happen and are covered up hundreds of times a year by every company. The entire industry is in on it. The bottom of the gulf is a disgusting garbage dump. Every boat dumps their trash into the gulf no one obeys the laws and the coast guard doesn’t enforce shit.


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