WATCH: Dog Escape Artist Caught; Man Solves ‘Dog Leaving Kitchen’ Mystery

dog escapes from kitchen!For licensing/usage please contact: my friends dog kept mysteriously getting out of the kitchen so he set up his laptop to see how he was doing it, the following happened… EDIT: The dog's name is Bandit and has severe separation anxiety, to the point where he destroys carpets, chews wires, and cuts himself trying to get out of his crate. The kitchen was the most "baby proofed" area in the house, so my friend began blocking him in there so he wouldn't hurt himself, as a trainer suggested. After seeing what Bandit goes through trying to get out everyday, including almost killing himself, my friend gave him full access to the house and IS NOT a shitty or abusive owner.2013-09-18T04:53:05.000Z

Andrew Holzberger put this video on YouTube of (who we assume to be) his dog, escaping a kitchen. This video was found on reddit by user hsch516 who claims Andrew set the camera up to solve the mystery. Hilariously, he posted the video with the submission title “So my friend set up a hidden camera to see how his dog kept escaping the kitchen…” to which one redditor pointed out was almost certainly completely unnecessary, since you know, the dog is a dog.