The Hottest Toys of Christmas 2013: Top 10 Toys for Kids

Here’s 10 of the hottest gifts this season for your kids who can’t seem to decide what they want. These kiddo-pleasers will keep them happy as they are Toys R’ Us Hottest Gifts of the season. All or at least most should be available at your local store.

1. Sofia the First Royal Talking Vanity

Join Sofia in sprucing up all princess like, this vocalizing vanity is bound to delight daughters everywhere.

2. The Uggly’s, Gross Electronic Puppet Pet

The perfect gift for a son who can’t get enough of the disgusting. These funny ugglys are bound to bring a lot of “ews,” and laughs to your house come Christmas.

3. Doc McStuffins Deluxe Get Better Check-Up Center

Kids love to pretend their doctors and this Get Better Check-up Center will let their imaginations run wild. What a bunch of fun for boys and girls.

4. Ever After High Dolls

Perfect for the daughter involved in the Twilight Universe and like fantasy realms, this angsty doll will be the perfect surprise come Xmas morn.

5. LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

As iPads become increasingly popular gifts, parents are understably concerned and that’s where this device comes in — it’s kiddo safe and guaranteed to keep your kids eyes free from the horrors (or merely inappropriate) aspects of the web. Also, it’s packed full of teaching games and other fun stuff. Perfect for the young electronics-enthusiast.

6. LEGO Legends of Chima The Lion CHI Temple

LEGO delivers another awesome fantasy world with this CHI Temple set, sure to please any young builder.

7. Razor Crazy Cart

Perfect for those kids who need to go outside — this crazy cart is too much fun. Scurry about low to the ground for that enhanced sense of speed, perfect for boys and girls.

8. Xbox One

Boasting a tight library of titles, this game system will please the whole family. Kinect is perfect for any family member at any age.

9. FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet

This cuddly laugh-monkey is bound to bring the youngens some fun and stuffed animal love, and it’s definitely not as creepy as the Furby of yesteryear.

10. Big Hug Elmo

It may not be as amazingly life-changing as Tickle Me, Elmo was, but Big Hug Elmo is still an amazing toy for the burgeoning muppet enthusiast.

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