WATCH: Scientist Films 70′ Fall Into Mountain Crevasse

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John All, an American professor at Western Kentucky University and professional mountain climber, was scaling Mount Himlung in Nepal’s Himalayas when things took a turn for the worse. He plunged down an icy crevasse nearly seventy feet before stopping himself from falling further.

Incredibly, he got the entire incident on camera.

Even more incredibly, he managed to get himself out of it, too.

Daily Mail reports further:

It had taken him six hours to crawl out of the hole and another three hours to reach his tent. He spent the night in pain before rescuers reached him the next morning, he said in an interview in a Katmandu hotel where he is recovering.

He broke five ribs and an arm, dislocated his shoulders, suffered internal bleeding and bruised his face and knees.

And while we are sure happy he is alive, a lot of comments are that he should not have been traveling such dangerous terrain alone. We agree.