Brittany Furlan, Vine Star: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brittany Furlan is a Vine celebrity known for her hilarious and unfiltered vines. Check out all the facts on Brittany.

1. She Got Her Followers by “Having Tits And Being Funny”

Furlan currently has 6.2 million Vine followers. When TMZ asked her how she got all of her followers, she accredited it to “having tits and being funny”. I guess these are Brittany Furlan’s secrets to success. This video makes it clear that her quick wit and sarcasm are perfect for a big Vine audience.

2. Brittany Furlan Is Engaged to a Director

Randal Kirk II is Furlan’s Fiance and a director who regularly appears in Furlan’s vines. She told Tribeca that Randal helps her to make Vines because most of her inspiration just comes from her everyday life.

Although, I must say, most of my inspiration just comes from what I am experiencing in my life. I use comedy as a way of coping with some of the more difficult things. When I’m really stuck I can always bounce ideas back and forth with my boyfriend, Randal Kirk. He’s a director so he has this outlandish mind, and he helps me to see things from another perspective.

3. Her Two Dogs Are The Faces of American Eagle Outfitters’ New Doggy Clothing Line

American Beagle Outfitters is American Eagle’s dog clothing line. Furlan’s dogs Megs and Wicky were profiled by American Eagle and the rest is history.

4. She Did a Charity Photo Shoot For Project Mermaids

Project Mermaids is a charity that brings awareness to the fight to save the oceans from pollution and human environmental impact and Brittany has had a hand in helping their organization.

Project Mermaids describes their cause:

Our goal is to show how precious our ocean and beaches are, and how well people can function in and around it, photographing models and celebrities in the water, in and around the ocean wearing mermaid tails. The induced fear coming from years of stereotypes is defeated, with the knowledge that is up to everyone of us to keep this beautiful environment healthy and clean.

5. Before Vine, Brittany Appeared in Two National Television Shows

Brittany appeared on Reality Hell and Prank My Mom. Even though these shows were on national television, it was Vine that brought her the most fame.

Working on sketch comedy shows is actually what got Brittany involved with Vine in the first place.

Social Media Week reported:

She was approached by a casting director while out with friends one night, and was brought in to audition for the E! Network’s Improv Comedy Show “Reality Hell”. She booked “Reality Hell” (2009) and fell completely in love with sketch comedy. She continued to make sketches with friends and appear in other people’s YouTube sketches which led to her booking a role on another comedic Improv based show “Prank My Mom” (2012).

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