WATCH: The 5 Funniest Videos of October 2014



Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for September 2014.

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1. Man Dancing On Roof With Broom Gets Electrified

A man dancing on a thatched roof got a shock when the broom he was dancing with got a little too close to a live powerline. His “sexy” dance is interrupted.

2. Telemarketer Calls & Leaves Sneezing Fit on Voicemail

Sometimes karma happens at the right time, and it’s the best thing to capture. Like this telemarketer woman who sneezed uncontrollably on voicemail.

3. WATCH: Jonah Hill & Jillian Bell’s 22 Jump Street Improv

Jonah Hill is a Hollywood A-lister, but even he seemed caught off guard at the wit of upcomer Jillian Bell’s rambling barrage of improv jokes during filming.

4. Man Falls Off Dock While Attempting Selfie on Live TV

In this segment from an Arabic news station, we see a man being interviewed. But what everyone is really watching is the action going on in the background.

5. Masturbating Panda Caught on Camera by Researchers

A panda in the bamboo woods of Sichuan, China found himself alone so he decided to masturbate. World Wildlife Federation researchers had set up cameras.