WATCH: Man Makes Playable Clarinet Out of Carrot

Carrot clarinet | Linsey Pollak | TEDxSydneyLinsey Pollak turns a carrot into a clarinet using an electic drill a carrot and a saxophone mouthpiece, and plays it all in a matter of 5 minutes. Linsey Pollak is an Australian musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community music facilitator. He has recorded 31 albums, toured his solo shows extensively in Europe,…2014-06-01T22:51:40.000Z

Linsey Pollak is a famous instrument maker in Australia, along with a composer and musical director.

Back in June he participated in a TED Talk in Sydney. TED Talk is a conference that invites speakers “with ideas worth spreading.”

At the end of Pollak’s talk, he fashioned a clarinet out of a carrot by using an electric drill a carrot and a saxophone mouthpiece. Check out how it sounds above.

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