WATCH: Playing With Methane Gas Bubbles on a Frozen Lake

A pair of pyromaniacs on a frozen lake used an ice pick to open methane gas bubbles embedded in the surface then ignited them with a lighter.

Methane gas bubbles in lakes is common in lakes everywhere, but is only visible in winter months in the colder climates. According to The Daily Mail:

Caused by the decomposition of organic matter—like plants, animals, and microbes—the extremely flammable gas begins to surge up in the warmer months as it floats ever closer to the surface.

For a time, it stays trapped beneath the last remnants of ice. And then the ice cracks and the methane bubbles away into the atmosphere.

But these fire men didn’t wait for the gas to bubble into the atmosphere. They excavated it themselves and then brought a flame to it.

Check out the cool show! Science is awesome.

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