Top 10 Best 4th of July Quotes & Sayings 2015

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If you’re in need of some quotes and sayings for the 4th of July holiday, we’ve got the top 10 best ones right here. Whether you’re making decorations, sending out cards, or creating fun projects, quotes are always a good idea to bring your work to life. Read on below for freedom quotes, famous sayings, and funny quotations about America to celebrate the fourth.

1. Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life.
– Bob Marley

2. When you’re born, you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.
– George Carlin

3. When I was little I thought, isn’t it nice that everybody celebrates on my birthday? Because it’s July 4th.
– Gloria Stuart

4. In America you can say anything you want, as long as it doesn’t have any effect.
– Paul Goodman

5. Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
– Abraham Lincoln

6. I am proud to be an American. Because an American can eat anything on the face of this earth as long as he has two pieces of bread.
– Bill Cosby

7. America is a large friendly dog in a small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair.
– Arnold Joseph Toynbee

8. We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.
– William Faulkner

9. Freedom lies in being bold.
– Robert Frost

10. Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn’t block traffic.
– Dan Rather

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