WATCH: DJ Khaled Lost at Sea on Jet Ski Full Snapchat Story

After visiting his friend Rick Ross’ house on a Jet Ski on Monday, DJ Khaled found himself lost at sea in the dark waters of Miami after sunset. He Snapchatted the whole ordeal.

At the beginning there is still a little bit of light left out. Khaled narrates, “It’s dark, and in a minute, there’s going to be no light. It’s pitch-black out here, I put the flash on the phone.”

But despite the light gone, Khaled kept a light on himself. He was positive during his entire time lost at sea: “It’s so dark out here, we don’t know where the hell we are at but the key is to make it. The key is to never give up.”

The whole Snapchat story is a little over a minute, but it’s unknown how long Khaled was lost for. When he made it back home he tweeted to his fans:

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