WATCH: The Official Donald Trump Jam

Donald Trump plans to Make America Great Again according to his campaign slogan. Perhaps he also plans to bring America the next great pop sensation out of Florida, the state that gave us the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC? A girl group who call themselves USA Freedom Kids entertained the crowd at a January 13, 2016 Trump rally in Pensacola with The Official Donald Trump Jam.

The lyrics touch on every traditional American theme you can think of, from freedom ringing to taking down enemies of freedom to answering freedom’s call and celebrating freedom. Ok, mostly the song talks about freedom. They are named the USA Freedom Kids after all. Keep your ears tuned to for what is sure to be one of the new words added to The Oxford English Dictionary for 2016: Ameritude.

As you’re watching the video, you can identify with the emotions displayed on the faces of the various spectators in the background. Amusement. Confusion. Indifference. Possibly fear. Whether this jam is making America great again is up for debate, but one thing’s certain: Ameritude is everything.

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