WATCH: Kevin Hart Super Bowl Commercial Hyundai Genesis ‘First Date’

As an official auto sponsor of the NFL, Hyundai has several Super Bowl commercials running during the 2016 game. This one is for the 2016 Genesis, and features actor and comedian Kevin Hart. Hart plays an overprotective father spying on his teenage daughter’s first date with a new guy. Kevin doesn’t just sit a couple of booths away at the diner, watching from behind an open menu. His snooping game is strong.

Kevin allows the suitor to drive his Hyundai Genesis, because it has an option called the “Car Finder” accessed via the Blue Link app on his smartwatch. Hyundai is not only advertising their latest car models during the Big Game, but also pinpointing the specific features on them. Essentially, Kevin can track the kids everywhere they go. And he does. He follows them (in another Hyundai, maybe?) to the movies, to an amusement park, and to Lookout Point. Chalk it up to the boyfriend’s perseverance: a less determined guy would have stopped once Kevin Hart popped out of a carnival game, mouthing the words “NO! NO!”

When the couple is about to kiss at a vista overlooking the city, Kevin interrupts by flying in on a helicopter. He’s hanging from a rope ladder screaming “You messin’ with the wrong daddy!” Somehow, his teenage daughter never notices any of these episodes and returns from her date disappointed and confused that she never got kissed. Kevin mischievously asks his daughter, “Honey, what did you guys do tonight?” and smiles knowingly at the camera. The ad has Queen‘s “Another One Bites the Dust” for its soundtrack. Queen has been featured in a Honda commercial as well this Super Bowl. Guess they didn’t need to sign a non-compete clause.

Hyundai has four Super Bowl commercials for 2016: Kevin Hart’s “First Date,” the Elantra ad “Ryanville” starring Ryan Reynolds, another Elantra clip with talking bears touting the Remote Start feature, and an overarching endorsement of Hyundai’s company philosophy in the video you can watch below. The company is using the hashtag #HyundaiSuperBowl to connect consumers to all of its content. This commercial strikes more of an inspirational note than a celeb-heavy humorous tone.

Being the official automotive sponsor of the NFL has its advantages – it appears you get more ad time during the broadcast. Maybe there’s a punch card where you buy three and get one free?