Top 10 Best Amazon Black Friday 2016 Deals on Toys

Amazon Black Friday Toy Deals

With our bellies filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce (I personally prefer canned over fresh, for the record), it’s now crunch time for the holiday shopping season. There have been tons of great pre-Black Friday deals that we’ve already posted in our roundup of the hottest daily toy deals this past week — some of which are still active, by the way. But the really great buys start today with all of the Amazon Black Friday 2016 deals on toys.

There are plenty of great gifts for boys and girls on sale today over at Amazon, especially in the toy category. Unfortunately, you won’t find any Hatchimals on sale or deals on the NES Classic — two of the year’s most sought after gifts. But whether you’re looking for more of the hottest Christmas toys of 2016, STEM toys that combine fun and learning, or just some well-made things to occupy your kids this year, this year’s Amazon Black Friday deals on toys has you covered. Here are today’s top 10 best Amazon deals on toys:

1. 57% Off Air Hogs Star Wars Speeder Bike RC Drone Now: $67.99

air hogs speeder bike rc drone

Now, THIS is a deal we’re super excited about. Air Hogs has a few items on sale this morning (and for the next couple of days), and the biggest savings you’ll find is the Air Hogs Star Wars Speeder Bike RC Drone, which comes in at a whopping 57% off, bringing the price down to $64.99. That’s insane. In fact, it’s the best out of the Amazon Black Friday toy deals this year. It comes with a super detailed speeder bike and scout trooper and the remote control. The drone uses gyro-stabilization and has 4 channel control, and it can communicate with the receiver from up to 200ft away. Although it requires 6 AA batteries (not included), it’s still a steal at this price. So if you know a little Star Wars lover, the Speeder Bike RC Drone is a great option.

Price: $67.99 (Reg. Price: $149.99)

Buy the Air Hogs Star Wars Speeder Bike RC Drone here.

2. 45 Percent Off Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe Now: $66

amazon black friday toy deals 2016

If you’re a parent of young ones and you’re not familiar with Melissa & Doug toys, you’re missing out on some truly well-made things for your kids to play with. In this year’s Amazon Black Friday toy deals, you’ll find the Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe for just $66 (or 45 percent off the MSRP). This incredibly lifelike mega-size plush toy is hand-crafted and has incredible detail, like its beautifully patterned skin that is modeled to look like a real giraffe. It stands at nearly 4 and a half feet tall, and weighs 8 pounds; safe to say it’s pretty sizeable for a stuffed animal. This deal is hard to pass up because of the praise that Melissa & Doug toys typically receive. This giraffe is no different, as over 1,400 customers have reviewed it with an average of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. With reviews that good, and a price that’s almost half off, this deal is hard to pass on.

Price: $66.79 (45 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Melissa & Doug Giant Giraffe here.

3. Playmobil Pirate Raiders’ Ship Playset $39.99 (43% off)

amazon black friday toy deals

Melissa & Doug isn’t the only notable brand name on sale this year’s Black Friday toy deals, as Playmobil also has notable savings. One of their most popular sets, the Playmobil Pirate Raiders’ Ship Playset, which usually retails for $69.99, is now just $39.99, presenting a savings of 43 percent. The ship is highly rated on Amazon, and it comes with an awesome-looking pirate ship and figures for your kids to play with. If they’re into swashbuckling and sailing the seven seas, the Playmobile Pirate Raiders Ship at $40 is a great buy.

Price: $39.99 (43 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Playmobile Pirate Raiders’ Ship Playset here.

4. $8 Off Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy Now: $49.88

black friday toy deals

While not the hottest deal on this list, $8 off the new Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy is nothing to shake a stick at. The Little Live Pets puppy is super cute, and it has expressive eyes that open and close, and she even looks like she breathes like a real animal. She’ll be your child’s new best friend, and picking her up at her lowest price of the season, $49.88, makes it worth buying. I should also note that we included Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy on our list of the hottest new toys of 2016 after seeing it at the Toy Fair earlier this year.

Price: $49.88 (Reg. Price: $57.99)

Buy the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy here.

5. 67% off MSRP Syma S107 3 Channel RC Helicopter Now: $15.19

syma s107 sale

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of drone deals on Amazon this year, but one great price on a similar item that pops out at me is the Syma S107 RC helicopter, which is now available for $15.19, which is 67% off of its MSRP. The Syma S107 is one of the coolest RC helicopters on the market, and it’s one of the best for beginners. It has stable flight and it’s easy to fly, and it uses a brushed motor. Its aggressive look is noteworthy, and it sports a lime green and white colorway that’s super cool. It’s highly rated on Amazon, with over 850 reviewers rating it at an average of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. At just $15, it’s hard to pass up. (Also: Check out our list of the best cheap toys under $25).

Price: $15.19 (67% off MSRP)

Buy the Syma S107 3 Channel RC Helicopter here.

6. $30 off Anki Overdrive Starter Kit Now: $119.99

amazon black friday toy deals

Anki had a great year last year after introducing the Anki Drive system, and this year, they’re back with many improvements for the Anki Overdrive. Now, this kit usually comes in at $149.99, but during Amazon’s Black Friday sale, you’re able to pick it up for $30 less at $119.99. It’s the #1 best selling item in the Toy RC Vehicles category on Amazon, and it’s super highly rated (sporting at average 4.3 out of 5.0 stars from over 800 reviewers). It’s featured in the Toys R’ Us Holiday Look Book and Target’s Toy Book, and it’s included on many of our holiday shopping lists this year. It’s one of the coolest new toys this year, and you aren’t going to find it any cheaper than $30 off.

Price: $119.99 (Reg. Price: $149.99)

Buy the Anki Overdrive Starter Kit here.

7. 30 Percent Off K’NEX Education Roller Coaster Building Set Now: $28

amazon toy deals black friday 2016

K’NEX has been out of control with their deals this past week, and if you’re looking for some of the best building toys around, look no further than K’Nex. The K’Nex brand has many different kits available, and one of their coolest, the Roller Coaster Building Set, is on sale now for $27.99 (which is 30 percent off the MSRP/regular price of $39.99). It comes with 500 assorted pieces, as well as a motor that’s battery powered. The K’Nex Roller Coaster Building Set also promotes teamwork, as it’s designed in a way that encourages kids to work together to build their coasters and share ideas. It’s also very highly rated on Amazon, and it’s the #1 best selling toy in the Model Building Kits category.

Price: $27.99 (Reg. Price $39.99)

Buy the K’NEX Education Roller Coaster Building Set here.

8. $20 Off Air Hogs Thunder Trax RC Vehicle Now: $59.99

best amazon toy deals black friday

Air Hogs’ other big toy deal is on the Thunder Trax RC vehicle, which rolls on uniquely designed tracks that are specifically created to tackle different terrain during any season, including snow in the winter, grass and gravel in the summer, and mud and water in the spring. It transforms from tank to boat with a single push of a button. It has a tank-like appearance, and has tank-like movement, but it’s surprisingly fast in comparison. I have one of these, myself, and it’s incredibly versatile, which makes it fun to drive. At $20 off its regular price of $79.99, it’ll make a great gift this Christmas.

Price: $59.99 (Reg. $79.99)

Buy the Air Hogs Thunder Trax RC Vehicle here.

9. $50 Off Xbox One S 1TB Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle Now: $299.99

black friday toy sales

Want to know what the bestselling console of the past three months has been? No, not the PS4, the PS4 Pro, or the PS4 Slim. The Xbox One S has been the hottest selling console of the fall, and right now, Amazon has it on sale for $299.99. Keep in mind that this is the 1TB Battlefield 1 bundle edition, not the $249 500GB edition that is on sale at Walmart and everywhere else this weekend. 500GB simply isn’t enough for the hardcore gamer, so you’re much better off picking up the 1TB version to give them twice the space for just $50 more. I’ll also note that this edition is the military green version, while the other deals at other outlets is for the storm gray version. Plus, you get Battlefield 1 along with it, which is on my list of the hottest Xbox One games for Christmas 2016.

Price: $299.99 (Reg. Price: $349.99)

Buy the Xbox One S 1TB Battlefield 1 Edition here.

10. $35 Off Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set Now: $56.79

magformers magnetic building set black friday amazon

I’ve already preached about the greatness of STEM toys and the learning enhancing characteristics that make them great for younger kids with developing brains, but the Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set is just downright fun. It comes with 62 pieces that use Rare-Earth magnets that snap together so that you and your kids can build cool structures and shapes. For Amazon’s Black Friday toy deals, the outlet has presented $35 off the set to get your holiday shopping season off to a good start. Magformers creates some of the best building toys on the market, and the fact that it’s $35 off makes it a great buy.

Price: $64.00 (Reg. Price: $99.99)

Buy the Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set here.

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