Black Friday: Top 5 Tips & Tricks

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It’s Thanksgiving week, and people are gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year! Whether you’re hoping to buy yourself that new tablet or looking to get Mom the necklace she’s been eyeing, Black Friday offers some of the best deals of the year. Like many things, though, the day comes with its pitfalls, and it’s important to do your research and avoid falling for common Black Friday myths.

Read on for the top 5 tips and trips to conquering Black Friday.

1. Use Apps!

Most of us rely on technology on a daily basis, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that apps have been created to help organize ads and track the best deals for Black Friday. Black Friday FM provides the best deals around, and helps users narrow down the best time to shop. The app also leaks breaking news and ads in real time, so users won’t miss out on anything. Another great Black Friday app is Black Friday 2016 Slickdeals, which allows you to get ad scans, flyers, and learn about the best doorbusters before the day arrives. You can search by product, store, or category on this app, and compare thousands of deals.

2. Do It Online

If you’re not looking to bump into a frenzied shopper every ten feet, there’s another option– shop online! Many of the best brands offer the same deals on their website as they do at the actual stores. It’s also worth mentioning that some sites and companies start implementing bargains and deals before Friday! That’s right– check our your favorite store online during Thanksgiving week to make sure you’re not missing any discounts that are already online.

3. Study Up

Entering Black Friday unprepared is a big no-no! It’s important to study up on the best print and online adds leading up to Thanksgiving to know where the best deals are. is a good site that allows viewers to shop by categories, stores, and deals. Many people aren’t aware, for example, that while Apple products do go on sale on Black Friday, they aren’t always the best deals and it may be a better idea to check third-party retailers.

4. Stay Away From Clothing

According to Forbes, experts don’t necessarily believe Black Friday is the best time to shop for clothing. In fact, the best deals on clothing are often in August, September, and January. The outlet writes, “… If fashion and accessories are on your gift-giving list, don’t settle for anything less than 40% off the full retail price… Make 40%-off your barometer.” When it comes to doorbuster sales, you need to be very careful with bigger items like TVs. Doorbusters draw in people who hope to save big, but they sometimes offer products that aren’t as good, and when you’re buying those larger items (like TVs) keep in mind that you’ll want them to last you years!

5. The Earlier the Better

To make sure you’ve got the best inventory to choose from, start your shopping as early as possible. Another hint? Go for electronics this year! The deals on electronics are expected to be great on Friday– just make sure to compare the prices you find with those on low-price price sites like Amazon.

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