Cranberry Sauce Recipes 2016: Top 5 Best for Thanksgiving

Cranberry Sauce Recipes 2016

Cranberry sauce is a staple at Thanksgiving, so we've collected our top 5 picks for cranberry side dishes this holiday season. Cranberry sauces and relishes are also associated with Christmas dinner, so if you don't make it for Thanksgiving, you can always save the idea for next month. To kick off our top 5 favorites, let's begin with the above dish. It's a traditional cranberry sauce with a very easy approach to creating the dish. The prep time for the sauce is only 10 minutes and cook time is 15 minutes. Simple Food 365 provides the recipe to make this Easy Homemade Cranberry Sauce. Click here to check it out. And, don't forget to click through our gallery for more options and fun twists on your average cranberry sauces. (Simple Food 365)