WATCH: Dog Saves Dog-Bud Stuck in Deep Snow

Kanawha the German shepherd looked back to see that his friend, Knuckles the pit bull, was stuck in a snow pile. He came to her rescue. The video was shared on YouTube by Brian Wagner, however the voice on-camera is female.

Kanawha’s rescue comes at a price, though. After the snow rescue Kanawha chastises Knuckles after for needing his help.

According to Outside Online, German shepherds are one of the top 20 “cold weather” dog breeds. The American Kennel Club writes that the German shepherd was first recognized as a breed in 1908 and is the second most popular dog breed.

Pit bulls, also known as the American Staffordshire terrier, are not as good in cold weather. According to the Pit Bull Rescue Central, “Bully breeds have thin, short-haired coats that do not offer much protection against the cold. They are also prone to skin issues which are often exacerbated by weather elements.”

Poor Knuckles, getting flak for being cold!

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