Top 10 Best Christmas Cutlery Holders

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Dress up your best holiday silverware with a festive cutlery holder. You’ll find an array of options, from classic Santa hats and outfits to reindeer, snowmen and more. When you’re done using them, or if you want to add a few more decorations around the house, most cutlery holders can be hung up on a tree or displayed on a table or other surface. Check out our top selections for this year’s best Christmas cutlery holders.

1. Christmas fun Cutlery Set

Christmas fun

Stuff your silverware into these fun holders. Each pocket has enough space for a fork, spoon and knife. Every piece consists of a jacket and pair of pants. These accessories are made with polyester and can be spot cleaned if needed. If you don’t need every piece, or you want to use them for another purpose, just hang them up on your Christmas tree or place them around the home for some holiday cheer.

Price: $2.99

Buy the Christmas fun Cutlery Set here.

2. ZOMUSA Christmas Silverware Holders


This set includes four pieces of adorable cutlery holders. Each holder is a different design, including holiday favorites such as Santa, a jolly snowman, reindeer and a polar bear. Use the holders to add a festive touch to your holiday dinner party, or simply to decorate your dining area for the holidays.

Price: $4.88

Buy the ZOMUSA Christmas Silverware Holders here.

3. Hihamer Christmas Cutlery Holder Set


If you’re looking for enough cutlery holders for a crowd, consider this 25-piece set. You’ll find an array of designs, from Santa suits to elf shoes, mittens, mini snowflakes, festive leg covers and more. Each piece is made with non-woven fabric that’s easy to clean and is durable enough for your holiday parties. The green mitten bags, Santa suits and mini snowflake pouches are specifically designed to hold silverware.

Price: $18.99 (27 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Hihamer Christmas Cutlery Holder Set here.

4. TTVOVO Christmas Cutlery


Three distinctive cutlery holders are included in this set. You’ll find an adorable Santa Clause, snowman and holiday reindeer, each of which has room to fit a knife, spoon and fork. Details such as holiday scarves and colorful hats make these holders a fun and festive addition to any dinner party.

Price: $10.99 (63 percent off MSRP)

Buy theĀ TTVOVO Christmas Cutlery here.

5. Pangda Christmas Flatware Holders


This set includes four adorable mini Santa suits. Each suit features a separate top and bottom. You can use them to store your holiday silverware or put them up around the home for decoration. The classic red and white suits add a festive touch to any holiday dinner party.

Price: $7.99 (50 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Pangda Christmas Flatware Holders here.

6. BBTO Christmas Cutlery Holders


This 12 pack of cutlery holders features an array of red and white Christmas hats. Aside from using them on the dinner table, you can decorate your table or even put them up on the tree. There’s enough room to fit the essentials, such as a knife and spoon. Each holder is made of lint.

Price: $7.99 (38 percent off MSRP)

Buy the BBTO Christmas Cutlery Holders here.

7. Fashion Life Christmas Stocking Covers

Fashion Life

Dress up your forks, knives and other silverware with these fun mini stocking covers. Each bag has enough room for silverware, but you can also use them to store candy and other small items. If you’d prefer to use them as decorations, just hang the stockings on your tree. The cloth stockings are made with non-toxic material and feature a festive red and white holiday design.

Price: $4.07 (33 percent off MSRP)

Buy the Fashion Life Christmas Stocking Covers here.

8. WOVTE Christmas Decorations


This set includes eight cheerful snowman decorations. You’ll find four snowman tree designs and four snowman heart designs.Each piece features a durable non-woven fabric with festive holiday colors. The pockets are large enough to hold a fork, spoon and knife.

Price: $12.99

Buy the WOVTE Christmas Decorations here.

9. Vivian Christmas Silverware Holder Pockets


Decorate for the holidays, or use these holders for your upcoming dinner party. The set includes three pieces, all of which have enough storage space for the essential dinner silverware. There’s also space for candy if you prefer to give each guest a treat. Each bag is made with a combination of flannel and non-woven fabric material for added durability.

Price: $3.99

Buy the Vivian Christmas Silverware Holder Pockets here.

10. Roberts Christmas Holder Pockets


If you’re hosting a dinner party over the holidays, consider this 14-piece set. The set includes snowmen and Santa suits. Every piece has enough room to store silverware, although they also make charming decorations around the house. The holders are made with a non-woven fabric.

Price: $22.99

Buy the Roberts Christmas Holder Pockets here.

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