Uber & Lyft Specials & Discounts for Valentine’s 2019


There’s no reason to drink and drive or even fight heavy traffic on Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re out on a date and you both had a little too much to drink or you’re having a single Valentine’s Day or you just want to avoid the crowds on the road, there are plenty of options available. Many transportation companies are offering reduced-price coupon codes for the day. You can also reduce your price even more if you know how to avoid surge pricing. Here are some tips for Uber and Lyft.

Uber Codes & Surge Pricing Tips

If you’re a new Uber user, the following codes may be able to get you a free or reduced-price ride today. Keep in mind that at certain times tonight when more people are using Uber, it’s possible that Uber might surge its prices during higher traffic times.  If you want to check on surge pricing, SurgeProtector is one app that lets you find close locations that don’t have Uber surges. SurgeApp is another, and so is Uber Estimate. To avoid surges, try to leave a little before the game ends or stay at your location longer. You can pay attention to fare estimates on your phone, to get an idea of when is the best time to call your Uber. You can also share rides with people going to similar locations using UberPOOL where it’s available.

According to RetailMeNot and other sources, the following codes may work for you. You may be able to find additional codes on the subreddit here.

  • $10 off your first ride: MTIR10JAN
  • Free first ride: SDCCUBLOG
  • $20 off your first trip: CAESARS5
  • $10 off your first ride: MTIR10MARCH
  • Free rides: ks1k1ue or TRYFREE94 or TRYFREE68
  • $25 credit: andrewc880
  • Free $10 off: THOMASY3

Note that these discount codes can be canceled by Uber at any time. Remember, even if there is Uber surge pricing, the cost is still cheaper than the cost of a DUI, impounded car prices, lost wages from being in jail, the cost of hiring an attorney, etc.

Lyft Codes

If you prefer using Lyft to Uber, the following codes may be useful. Note that Lyft may change or cancel these codes at any time. (Look at RetailMeNot  for more codes if these don’t work.)

  • $5 off first two rides: NEWUSER10
  • $2 credit per ride for 10 rides: 20LYFTPROMO
  • $5 off first three rides: GREENGRASS
  • Up to $50 promo: FAV50

Lyft may also use surge pricing, like Uber does, during peak hours. This means that if you get a Lyft ride during the busiest times on Valentine’s night, the ride may cost more than it typically does. However, if you schedule your Lyft ride in advance, you may be able to lock in current rates and avoid any surge. (Note: Some locations charge surge prices anyway, and it appears that Uber does not offer this option for avoiding surges.) But just remember, even if there is Lyft surge pricing tonight, the cost is still cheaper than the cost of a DWI.

Uber & Lyft Alternatives

If you’re really concerned about surge pricing, you can also look into alternatives to Uber and Lyft. There are some similar services, although they aren’t available in all areas.

Bubbl Rides is a new service owned and operated by certified first responders, so you feel safer using the service. Unfortunately, this service is closed on Sundays, so you can’t use it today. But keep it in mind on other days. It’s available in parts of Texas, Florida, Connecticut, and Virginia.

Juno is another alternative in New York City. This service claims drivers are paid better than with other services.

Curb, recommended by CNET, is available in 65 cities. You can hail a taxi through this app. Curb has no surge pricing.

CNET also recommends Flywheel, Waave, Wingz, Via, ReachNow, HopSkipDrive, and Waze Carpool.