Is Chipotle Open or Closed on the 4th of July, 2019?


If you’re wanting a burrito on the 4th of July today, then you might be wanting to stop by the delicious Chipotle Mexican Grill. But is Chipotle open today? The answer is that most locations will be open (but closing early), however some may choose not to open at all. So you really should check with your local store to find out for sure if Chipotle is open today or not.

The reason why things are confusing is because Chipotle was historically closed every 4th of July since the chain first opened in the 1990s. But in 2017, Chipotle started opening some of its locations for half-days on July 4, and now things are not quite so clear cut from store to store.

Last year, most Chipotle stores were open on July 4, 2018, but they closed at 3 p.m. local time at all locations.

However, as these tweets reveal, not every store was open last year and not every store closed early:

It seems that stores started open on the 4th of July in 2017.

This first happened in 2017 because in April 2017, Chipotle’s PR team still thought stores would be closed on July 4, 2019:

So 2017 was the first time Chipotle started opening some locations on the 4th of July since 1994:

That’s why things can still vary from store to store on the 4th of July. Not everyone will want to break from tradition, and some stores might want to stay open later to take advantage of the sales.

This year, Chipotle locations will be open on July 4 again, but most locations will likely also be closing early again this year. Chipotle already confirmed on a public tweet that holiday pay for employees working on the 4th will depend on the field leader and individual store.

So yes, Chipotle will be open, but it might close early today and not every restaurant will be open.  So check with your local store to find out the exact hours. You can find your local Chipotle here. And to make things easier, you can even order your burrito, taco, and burrito bowl online.

Remember: if you join Chipotle Rewards, then you can get a free order of chips and guacamole after your first purchase as a reward member. That’s a great deal that no one wants to turn down. Some stores also offer free guacamole if you order a veggie-only burrito or bowl.

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